About Moi, Me, Yo

I'm Sadie. And I've always had an eye for fashion and an eclectic taste. 'Less is more' has never been a motto in my daily life! 

By day I work in marketing and communications, and by night I create pretty things for my Shh By Sadie jewellery line. I love travelling and holidays, friends and parties, crafting, cooking, adventures, sparkly things and studs - and have found a recent obsession with everything birdlike!

Me and my new home!
Flashback to four years ago - my boyfriend and I had only just started dating when he was approached about a job in New Zealand. We decided he should go for it, and a year later (we were still together!) I found myself crying into a hankie and waving goodbye to my friends and family. New Zealand here we come!

Ooh NZ you're so purty!
I've been in Wellington for almost three years and still find it funny adapting to 'life down under'. And so here I hope to share the good times, sad times and hopefully some funny times along my journey!