Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mammoth Tooth

Hi all, did you have a good weeked? As I mentioned, I went to the English city of Bath for the weekend. Bath's gorgeous - it has amazing architecture, a huge cathedral and is the site of the only hot springs in the UK - hence its name! It has a large Roman baths that still functions today. But OH MY was the weather freezing!

Tea and cake!
Bath is postcard pretty :)

At the end of the first night out - we went for a meal in a bistro pub with my parents....boy it was COLD!
Wet look leggings, Primark; leopard print boots, ASOS (seen here and here); lace top, Matalan; coral jacket, Topshop; leather clutch, Bracher Emden London via TK Maxx.

The deets: Watch, Michael Kors, gold bangle, Hay Luv, white and gold friendship bracelet, Primark, skull ring, Matalan; Hand painted ceramic tiger head necklace, craft fair; black ring, Topshop; my NEW PURCHASE Bracher Emden bag, TK Maxx.

If you look closely - that's my Ma peering over the wall in the background! Tee hee!
The Roman baths
Royal Crescent

To me, this house on the Royal Crescent looks like a lil face! Is it just me?!?!
The Royal Crescent at a distance
Cute Bath
 And some of the little things I bought....
This AMAZING earring holder was reduced from 30 pounds to 10 in Urban Outfitters. HOPE I manage to carry it back to NZ!
Valentine and anniversary cards for the bf from Paperchase <3
Arm cuffs from Accessorize - I'm going to PARIS on Thursday and my coat is way too draughty up the sleeves!!

This amazing navajo print poncho was also on sale in Urban Outfitters - I already LOVE it :)
A glamorous shot of my first wear of the poncho, taken in the hotel loo! Dahling!

Oh - and in case you were wondering - here's the Mammoth's TOOTH! Hehe....

Where was your latest city break?

Friday, 27 January 2012

I *heart* sunshine

Hi all, yay it's Friday! Though, as I just wrote that - I wondered why I said 'yay' as I am on a 2.5 month break from work so every day is a Friday! ;)

Here are some more 'general' pics from Mauritius. I have two sets of wedding pics (one for each wedding!) but am waiting for the bf to give me a few he took first!

On the speed boat for the bf's wakeboarding session
The bf and (one of!!) his favourite hobbys

Chilling in the pool :)

Me and the bf :)

The bf and his siblings, both of whom were married in Mauritius!

I do LOOOVE a cocktail!
What are your plans for the weekend? Tonight I am going out for drinks with friends and tomorrow the bf and I are going to Bath for the weekend with my parents.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New delights!

Hello everyone! Happy hump day :)
How's your week going? I've had a good week so far and have been making a concerted effort to eat healthily and exercise more after goodness knows how many months of holidaying, eating and drinking!

Today I spent a little while updating my Shh By Sadie Etsy shop - it's been a while since I added any of the new items I've been making. I've been experimenting further with illustrations on shrink plastic - and am really pleased with the results! My favourite is the anchor charm bracelet <3

Here is a sneak peek of the newbies:

Anchor Sweetheart Bracelet
Cupcake Cutie Charm Bracelet
Close up of one of the cupcakes - hand drawn by me :)
Sail Me Away Necklace
Cupcake Cutie Necklaces

My Pretty Polly Necklace
Fluttering Friend Necklace
 Which is your favourite? :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Swimming with WHALES!

Hi all, so on the first Saturday in Mauritius a bunch of us went on a whale and dolphin safari. We all went out to sea in a speed boat and managed to swim with wild dolphins. Well, when I say swim 'with' dolphins, we kind of saw them under the water as they were swimming around...they weren't like flipper and floundering around next to us!

Beautiful harbour views
Some of us ready to swim with the dolphins

My first ever fishtail on myself!! <3

First glimpse of a sperm whale!!
Then we went out to sea to 'track' sperm whales. I didn't think we'd find any, but we found more than a DOZEN! I was ASTOUNDED! They were amazing, so huge and we got super close to them!!! The guide asked us if we wanted to snorkel by them - a chance in a lifetime he said! So three of the boys on the boat jumped in with the guide and snorkelled up to a whale and the whale dove underneath them, it was incredible. I kind of wished I'd done it, and said so. Little did I know that there were plenty of other whales around, so the guide found two breathing on the top of the sea, and handed me a snorkel!
The boys (including my bf!) RIGHT NEXT to the whale! OMG!
Dolphins <3

Me with a whale behind me!
We jumped into the ocean and the two whales swam right underneath us - WOW!!! It was all over SO quickly but definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I was proud of myself for being the only girl in the group to do it!

Have you ever swam with whales or dolphins?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Back from Mauritius!

Hi all, I am back from my holidays! And I miss the sunshine already!
We stayed at the Sands Resort and Spa, it was AMAZING. Canapes and rum are brought to your room every day at 6pm, and iced drinks are brought around the pool and beach in the morning and afternoon to refresh you whilst you sunbathe. I've never had that sort of service before, even in Fiji!

Here are a few photos of the first few days of the holiday....

Leaving Heathrow

I'm pretty obsessed with my new ring!!And had gone back to my summer turquoise shade of nail polish.

Coming into land after the 12 hour flight...

Gorgeous bed display - with NO ants!  :)
The bf happy to have arrived!! ;)

Large dressing room - soon put to good use with all of my new clothes!

A peek of the canapes - yum!!
 Do you feel sad at the end of holidays? Or do you look forward to coming home? :)

PS I am a huge (new) fan of Instagram - do you use it? If so, let me know so I can follow you!