Thursday, 29 September 2011

What I wore: A quickie

Hi all! Just a quickie. This has been SUCH a crazy week! On Tuesday I went to a beauty evening at Farmers with my friends - I bought a fab new BRIGHT PINK blusher (yes the free bubbles may have gone to my head by that point!) and I will show you that next week. I also met up with a girl from the same city as me, the sister of a friend, so we had a great gossip about 'back home' and a late night drinking! 

Then the university I work for launched a huge exhibition on Wednesday, so that was a late night of drinks, schmoozing (yawn) and food.  Yesterday I took some lieu time to spend the afternoon sorting out my new jewellery bits and pieces for the Mighty Mighty Market I am attending on Saturday. And tonight we have an awards ceremony at work before dashing home to host a dinner party!! OMG!

I've also: dashed out to buy a new table cloth for my stall, written some freelance copy for an American fashion website, come up with TWO exciting ideas which I will share with you next week, watched three rugby games (again - yawn), cleaned my apartment and swept the terrace (it was looking so messy after winter) and Skyped my ill Grancha back home for a whole 2 minutes which was hilarious!

Back to the good stuff: here's a quick post of an outfit I wore one evening in Feeeejeeee:

By now on the holiday I think the bf had given up on my nightly outfit shots!! Ha!
Kaftan, Primark; Shorts, Cotton On; Wedges, Hannahs; Clutch, The Body Shop.

Ok I hate my face in this pic, but as the other one's so blurry I needed to use it!!

Orange ring, Shh By Sadie; Shell bracelet, Greece.

Bangles, Primark and New Look; Ring, Lanzarote.
Earrings, Shh By Sadie
 After weeks like this, it makes me feel like I was here a year ago, not a week ago!!!!
What has your week been like? :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What I wore: Crab Racing

Hello there! Yes, you read correctly! One evening in Mana Island they organised a crab race! There were ten crabs, each with a number painted on its shell. First there was an auction for people to buy a crab - they were all named after a country and a famous person from that country - Dan Carter from New Zealand, Jackie Chan from China, Johnny Wilkinson from England etc etc...

The bf had taken $70 FJD to the crab racing, and I thought that would be MORE than enough for a bit of fun. But NO! We were outbid on every single crab! The most expensive crab was over $100!!

When bidding was finished, they placed all the crabs in the middle of a chalk circle, and the first three crabs to cross the chalk line were the winners. First prize was $370!!!!!!!! Who'd have thought there'd be so much money in racing crabs?!

Introducing the crabs!

Placing one in the middle
A crab making a run for it!
Top, Temt; Trousers, Matalan; Sandals, Primark; Clutch, Body Shop
Shell bracelets, Greece.
White ring, Lanzarote; Necklace, altered from one bought at Diva; Earrings, Shh By Sadie

 And when we got back to the apartment we found this tiny guy waiting for us!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Days Three, Four and Five in Feejee

Hi all, how was your weekend? It's been rugby world cup madness here and I have even joined in by buying a Welsh flag for our car! And I don't even care about rugby! I just had to do it!

So back to Fiji!
The boyfriend's first dive. I sat and sunbathed (well, in the shade!) while he went for a beach dive.
My sister Beth bought me my flamingo top!

Nice view huh!

Have you ever read this book? I have a few pages left (it was a 1000 page book!) but it's AMAZING.

I bought this hat and kaftan for my holiday to the same island last year. I carried the hat BY HAND all the way from the UK to NZ so that it didn't get squashed. And it had only cost ONE POUND in the sale in Primark!!
Kaftan, Matalan; Hat, Primark; Flip flops, Haviana (gift from bf); Bag, Primark; Sunnies, Replay.

The bf won a whole$10 FJD playing happy hour bingo!! WHOOP! ;)
The bingo lady was sooo funny. I loved 5pm bingo time!

Shh by Sadie Jewellery ;)

Dress, Cotton On.

Bag, The Body Shop (GWP); Primark Starfish ring; Bangles, Primark and New York; Ring, Lanzarote; Shoes, Hannahs.

What is your favourite holiday read?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

What I wore: sparkles, coral and a Fijian tan

Hello! How are you all? It's Friday here and I am very happy about that! 

Here's some more pics from my time in Fiji. I bought this kaftan / dress when I was backpacking in Australia with my bestie 18 months ago. We arrived in Cairns and it was BUCKETING down with tropical rain, so what did we do? Went straight to the MALL - and bear in mind we were BACKPACKING! Yes I bought this silk, sequinned number and carried it around with me for the whole trip. I fell in love with it as it's my favourite colour and it SPARKLES.  

What more can a girl need? :)
Kaftan, Forever New; Leggings, Glassons; Wedges, Hannahs; Bag (just seen), Primark;
Earrings, gift.

Gold bangles, Primark; Genuine coral beaded bracelet, I made using beads sent to me by my lovely blogging friend at Missouri Daze :); Pink ring, Diva; Starfish ring, Primark; Thick cream bangle, Diva. Nail polish, Chi Chi Bootilicious.

My bestie (who I backpacked with) bought me these amazing earrings when she arrived to stay with us in NZ :)
Excuse the scab - YUCK! Wedges, Hannahs.
Happy holidays :D
Have you ever just "had to buy something" even though you shouldn't?!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Feejeeeee - Days One and Two!

Hi all, here are some pics from the first two days in Fiji. We flew Wellington - Nadi, then connected to a boat to take us out to the islands. Our first five days were spent on Mana Island, a very small island with just one resort. We went there last year and I cried when I had to leave (the Fijians sang the traditional farewell song on the dock as we were leaving and I was SO SAD!)....

Little boats come to collect passengers on the islands without a dock
Enjoying a glass of finest quality wine on the boat to Mana...ahh holidays!
Welcome to our island!
Watch behind you!! The bf was holding guests up to pap me!

The bf beating me to shore!
First night out -Butterfly top, Glassons; Vest, Primark; Harem trousers, Matalan; Bag, Primark.


Good morning!

An afternoon cocktail surprise from the bf :D

He also treated us both to an amazing massage at the resort spa
Second night out: Dress, Temt

Wedges, Hannahs; Gold bangles and starfish ring; Primark; Pink ring, Diva; Gold bag, Primark.

There were many mojito moments!

Watching the Wales v South Africa game! Shame Wales lost, but I found it amusing how everyone else there cheered us on against SA - Fijians, Chinese, Aussies and Kiwis!!

Little close up of my wooden parrot earrings. Well you know I love birds!!