Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hi all, I just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas! It's been almost three weeks since I came back to Wales and time has been flying by. I've not had a chance to come online much so here's a peek at what I've been doing lately...

Getting festive with the family - and Mum's wonky Christmas tree - bless it!!

Spending LOTS of time with my little niece who is VERY excited about Santa!! (And her two aunties being home for Christmas of course - she came running in the house yesterday morning shouting "AUNTIES AUNTIES!" So cute.)
One of the four angels my niece and I made for her tree. She loves making things as much as I do! :)

I've been picking up some cheap bits and pieces for my holiday to Mauritius in January :)

Wrapping looooads of presents - I must say I am very happy with my wrapping paper selection this year, festive birds! Love it!

Some of the jewellery bargains I've treated myself to....

I've switched back to my wintery OPI nail colours to suit the season too!
I've bought (and worn) this new Topshop jacket and Primark vest.
And been wearing my new LBDs too! (Left, Portmans; right, Trelise Cooper).

 Hope you've been having a very merry time too and wish you all the best for your Christmas festivities. Thanks for your kind friendship this year, I've really enjoyed it.
Speak soooon,

Friday, 16 December 2011

What I Want for Christmas!

Hi all, how's your week going? Tonight I am going to stay at the bf's house and then we're going to do a spot of Christmas shopping tomorrow. I am feeling quite shopped out! I have been shopping a LOT this week and have most of my presents sorted - yay.

What is on your Christmas wish list? I have struggled to think of what I want as I have to consider suitcase room to carry it back to NZ in Feb! What I did spy in Liberty's on Tuesday was this fabulous DIY needlepoint clutch bag. I've never tried needlepoint before but imagine if I can sew it shouldn't be TOO hard (am I kidding myself?!!?) LOL. It's by designer Felicity Hall and I quite fell in love with several of the designs. They're
£69.95 each.

Which one is your favourite? :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A 24 jaunt in London!

Hey folks! So as I mentioned, on Monday my sister Beth and I went to London for one night! We just wanted a little trip there for a poke around and to see some of the festivities. We didn't buy much (we weren't there for shopping) but I did discover Liberty's of London and LOVED the mock-Tudor mansion that the store is housed in.

Here are a few snaps of our mini-trip:
Buckingham Palace

Beth and my friend Craig who I met when we both studied in Las Palmas many moons ago!

Me and Craig

Covent Garden

A festive mulled wine in Covent Garden

Sunday, 11 December 2011

What I wore: for a long overdue catch up!

Hey all, how was your weekend? It's Sunday afternoon here and i'm having a cosy up indoors after a late night last night! This weekend one of my best friends came to visit and it was great fun. She and I went travelling to Australia for three weeks last year when she came to visit me in the Southern Hemisphere.
Froggy and I in Surfers Paradise in Oz, February 2010.

So on Friday night, she, I and our other best friend went for a bite to eat and a glass of vino. It's funny with some friends - you don't see them for almost a year and you still have a ball like you used to :)

Here's my first 'home' attempt of taking pics of what I wore!
Top, Glassons; Leggings, Primark; Boots, ASOS.

Boots, ASOS

Watch, Michael Kors; Leather charm bracelet, Shh By Sadie; Gold bangle, Hay Luv

Amber earrings, Shh By Sadie
I'd just tried out the new 'Babyliss Big Hair' dryer I bought this week - and burned my face!!!! OUCH!

It will take some practice but the results were pretty good (despite the BURN!)

Bracelet, Shh By Sadie

Brooch, Christmas gift from my lovely friend Jeannette in NZ :) I looove it!!

Jacket, Recycle Boutique; Bag, TK Maxx; Leather gloves, Primark.

How was your weekend? I'm off to LONDON tomorrow until Tuesday, shopping and sight seeing with one of my sisters :)


Thursday, 8 December 2011

Made it back to the Northern Hemi!!

I'm alive!!! After flying back to the UK, we arrived on Monday morning. It's been a busy few days shopping, catching up with friends and of course my gorgeous little niece and my grandparents (if you remember, my Grancha had been quite ill a couple of months ago so it was SO great to see him as soon as I got home).

I had to buy a wi-fi router for my parents' house, which I then had to ask my Dad to install (yes I was NOT messing up his PC!!), THEN after it was all up and running I realised I only had a NZ plug on my laptop! Talk about disappointing! So I bought an adaptor today and hey presto, here I am.
The bf in his business class 'space seat'

Check out the seats!! Made SUCH a difference to the journey :)

I have had a wee bit of jetlag - needing a nap at around 6pm! Last night I went to bed at 9pm (WOW!) as I'd woken at 5am! 

Anyway this was just a quickie to check in and say YES I AM STILL HERE.

Hope to catch up on your blogs tomorrow :) xxx

Sunday, 4 December 2011

I'm a celebrity - get me outta here!!

Hey all! Well you probably haven't heard, but last night Wellington had a (minor) earthquake, it was off the coast of the south island but boy did I pee my pants!! I've experienced quakes in Christchurch last Christmas but never in my own home! So needless to say I am glad to be getting out of the country today!

I am currently sat in the business lounge at Auckland airport, sipping bubbles in celebration of being granted an upgrade. NOT a free one, before you ask HOW, but one using my airpoints. They're still like magic dust to come by, so I'm pretty chuffed and hope it'll make the next 26 hours of flying a little nicer!

So here's one of the new purchases I mentioned last time: the sickest shoes i've ever owned. So bad they're amazing. These shots were taken after a very long day: waking at 6am with a sickness bug, doing a market 12-5, packing my suitcases and then having the shock of the quake! So excuse the tiredness :)
Such a tired face!!Silk top, Zara, leggings, Glassons, Booties,

Ring Shh by Sadie, Bangle (just seen) HayLuv, Watch Michael Kors
Booties bought on

Grrr!! :)
 Whadya think of the sickos then!?


I did have more photos but the internet here is waaaaay tooooo slow so i give up! :)