Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Also new in!

Hi all, thanks for all of your comments on my new clothes - there's even a few things I'd forgotten to add! Definitely had my quota of shopping for the time being!

As you know, I did my first craft fair 10 days ago, and because I enjoyed it so much I am attending a vintage and craft market this Saturday! Yay! 
Here are some of the lovelies I've been making for both markets and my Etsy shop... Most of the pieces are one of a kind, so i've enjoyed experimenting!

Flower earrings - these were SO popular!

Nautical charm necklace with a teeny tiny bell!
Ice pendant charm necklace

Pink flower ring :)

Button rings!
Me So Pretty Organza Flower Ring

Chunky gold chain bracelets with a mixture of vintage and new charms...

Antique buckle neclace - Dreamy Dragonfly

Vintage buckle necklace - Flirty Fleur
I was also AMAZED by the popularity of my felt brooches! So I have made up loads more in preparation for this weekend. 

For those of you who would like to be kept up to date with my Etsy goings on - I have a Shh By Sadie Facebook page with little updates and items of interest! 

Which are your favourites? :)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

New In: Sadie's been shopping (a lot!)

Hi all, how was your weekend? Hope you all had a great time! I had a fun weekend and have some SHOPPING to show you! 

As I mentioned, I'm going to Fiji in 10 days, so wanted to get some cheapish new clothes to take with me. I find that year on year I have taken the same dresses to Miami and the Bahamas in 2008, Samoa 2009, Fiji and the Whitsundays in 2010 and was determined not to do it this year! I don't get the chance to wear these types of clothes other than on a tropical holiday, which is why they've come with me each year. So I bought a couple of newbies to mix in with the trusty oldies!

So here are the new holiday clothes!
A beach top that was a total bargain - $8!

I love this dress, it was $16 and is such a cute holiday dress! It's a thick cotton so is really stiff and lovely :D

Another top - this one buttons up the front and has a drawstring around the waist. LOVE the colours. Also $7
A fairly plain blue dress but it looked really nice on. I thought I can also get use out of this in every day life! $40

The bf when he saw me buying this top - "Not MORE animal print!" HA! $20
A playsuit which I envisage with high wedges! $35
Love the wooden buttons!
A super long maxi dress which will NEED high wedges!! $60
This dress looks really elegant, and I can wear it to work when the temperature gets a bit warmer! $50

A lot of new clothes to squeeze into my wardrobe!
 I told myself I DID NOT need sandals. I have tonnes of sandals from last summer. But when the bf was busy in one shop, I went a-wandering and spotted these fabulously sick glitter numbers and sadly couldn't leave without them. I've even already worn them on Saturday night!!
Do you love them!? $100
I bought the exact same wedge last summer, in cream and rope. They are SO comfy.
 ALSO new in, but not holiday related:
Genuine pearl drop earrings. Very exciting!!
Some jumbo heated rollers - any tips on use?? I've never tried them before!

My fabulous Michael Kors watch! I used the voucher that I won on Aprilia's blog towards this beaut!
Lots of new stuff - eek. What have you bought lately? :)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Last bunch of road trip pics!

Hello! I have tonnes more road trip pics but I'll just narrow them down to this bunch...I want to get on with other things in future posts! :)



Hitting the town for some cocktails!
Pinkies up!

Being silly!

On a cruise around the lake


 And there we have it - the end of my roadtrip!

Now I'm counting down the days to Fiji.....14 and counting.............. ;)

Where have you been on holiday this year?

Monday, 22 August 2011

Back to the roadtrip - snowboarding!

Hi all, thanks for all of your kind comments about my craft fair last week, I always find it useful to get feedback! :)

I didn't finish sharing the roadtrip photos last week (I got distracted by craft fairs and Michael Kors watches), so here are some of my snowboarding pics...
We drove up from Queenstown to Cardrona
I never feel comfortable snowboarding, as I have only been three times (including this trip) and am much more at home on a city break than a ski trip! But I did impress myself with my progress this time! 

The boyfriend is an excellent snowboarder so he was my teacher for a wee while before he headed up to the 'proper' slopes for some swishing action of his own.
Feeling like a pro in my ski wear! ;)
Check Ed being cheeky in the background!

The bf and Ed messing around on the nursery slopes

Finding my feet on the first day....
Before losing them pretty quickly!
I managed to fall off the magic carpet TWICE with the board stuck to my feet. This time they let me stand on it OFF the board, thankfully!!!

All this board on and off lark drove me nuts!

Glad to be heading back to the hotel after day one!

Day two and I was very proud to be on the magic carpet ATTACHED to my board!!!
View from the magic carpet - gorgeous!

Look at me move! ;)

Feeling a lot more confident - no falls all day!!!

And here is a video (for those of you who are interested!) in me snowboarding down the nursery slopes ALL BY MYSELF ;) Hahahahaha. (Hope it works!)

Aren't you proud of me!??! ;)

Do you ski or snowboard?