Thursday, 29 March 2012

What I wore: to a wedding in Mauritius

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I hope your week has been good to you!

So some of you may remember, back in January I went to Mauritius for ten days. The bf's brother AND sister both got married there - NOT to each other, and both on different days! :)

Here's what I wore to the first wedding - Chris' sister's.

What I took into consideration:
Heat = bad hair
Looking too overdressed (there were very few people there, let alone 'young people'
Being too hot in my outfit
Buying a summer outfit in the January sales in the UK!

So this is what I went with. I picked it up in the H&M sale for 15 pounds!

Dress, H&M; Vest (just seen), Florence and Fred; Wedges, Next; Clutch, Accessorize; Necklace, H&M Berlin; Sunglasses, O'Neill.  
The bride and groom. She made her dress herself, from silk :)

The wedding party.
The groom and his best man!
I loved the aisle


 Have a great weekend! I'm going for drinks with my friends after work and have the Mighty Mighty Market tomorrow - what wonderful things will  you be doing?

PS I have a lot of catching up to do with everyone's blogs - I haven't forgotten you and will be catching up over the weekend :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

What I wore: splashes of pink

Howdy all, happy Tuesday! Yesterday I wore a style I'd wanted to wear for a while, but hadn't found the 'right' top for...well I found the right top on Sunday afternoon! Yay!

The top says "Live your life in colour" so I added several bright pink accessories. They don't call me Pink Princess Sadie at work for nothing! ;)
Blazer, Matalan; T-shirt, Cotton On; Skirt, H&M; Leggings, Glassons
Watch, Michael Kors via Shopbop; Skull bracelets all Shh By Sadie
Ring, H&M
Pink flower earrings, Shh By Sadie
Close up!! I like to think my fellow bloggers and I live colourfully, right?!?!

This is one of my favourite necklaces that I have made. Skulls and neons! Double yay!
Skull necklace, Shh By Sadie

Wedges, Jeffrey Campbell

 So obviously my favourite colours are pink and coral - what's your favourite fashion colour?

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Sunday, 25 March 2012

What I wore: for my birthday BBQ!

Hi all, how was your weekend? We had some more lovely weather here in Wellington and so we got out and about...more about that tomorrow!

So I finally retrieved the pics of my bday outfit from the bf's phone - only three weeks later! My birthday was a Thursday and we arranged a BBQ for that evening. Of course it decided to rain just before the guests were due, so we had an indoor BBQ instead :)
Vest, Primark; Trousers, TK Maxx; Shoes,
The jacket is my favourite new blazer from Topshop :D I have too many blazers but can't help myself!
I have to have a birthday badge every year. It's the rules ;)

I left this photo uncropped so that you can see my glamorous bead and tool cabinet next to me! I need to move it into the bedroom, but for now it's still standing in pride of place in the living room! ;)

Turquoise ring, Primark; Gold ring, Topshop; Watch, Michael Kors; Skull bracelet, Shh By Sadie; Gold bangle, Hay Luv via Hipster.

Necklace, given to me by my nan :)

Earrings, Shh By Sadie

Shoes, (I forget the brand) via

Preparations for the indoor bbq underway! And the fizz was opened!

More of my birthday balloons! And my new speaker system in the background :)
The bf 'chef' :)
 I had a lovely day but that seems like a million years ago now - although the balloons are still hanging around to remind me!

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

What I wore: to an impromptu black tie awards ceremony

Hi all! TFIF! I'm sure you all hear me there!!

On Wednesday afternoon the bf rang me to say we'd been invited to a black tie dinner at 6.30pm that day - flights had been delayed due to the bad weather here in NZ and so they needed bums on seats at the awards being hosted by the university we both work for. 

Sir Graham Henry was honoured at the awards - that was news for me to tell my rugby mad father!
On one hand I thought, well that's nice - a chance to wine and dine and get spruced up. 

But on the other hand I thought - I have nothing to wear (I am either too chubby at the moment to wear some of my clothes or have left the dressier of my items in Wales as I don't tend to wear them much here!!), 
will I get stuck sat on my own whilst the bf has to schmooze as part of his job, 
and how the heck am I meant to stick to Weight Watchers at a three course meal!?

 In the end I made the decision to just go with it and loosen up a bit! (I've become a bit hermit like lately - do you ever get like that!?).

And so I rushed home and pulled this dress from a ziplock storage bag I'd left on the floor of my closet.

I also must apologise for the photos. It's something I the bf and I had words about!! He needs to help me get better pics rather than just snapping 5 awful ones and thinking the job's done! Ha!

Dress, Max; Tights, Primark; Sandals, Matalan
Yeah my eyes are closed but the bf only took pants photos so this one was one of the best!!

At the end of the night after several glasses of vino!
Sequin blazer, New Look
Clutch, Bracher Emden London via TK Maxx

This was the only (bad) shot of the detail on my silk dress. And half an earring. Disappointing!
 And these are awful snaps too. I need to get a new bf ;P

Rings, gifted; antique diamante bracelet, thrifted; Tiffany charm bracelet; beaded bracelet Shh By Sadie
What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Win Win Win! Giveaway!

Hi all! Well here I am with a cheeky lil giveaway to celebrate my ONE YEAR BLOGAVERSARY!

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Whoop! :)

Monday, 19 March 2012

30 Before 30 - have you?

Howdy! So I'm in my last year before the BIG 3-0 and have decided to get on with making a '30 before i'm 30' list. So before I make this ever-so-important list, I want to know if you've ever made one yourself? And do you have any funny / interesting suggestions for me?
My sisters and I as kids - I've always had a thing for market stalls by the seems of it! ;)
I am going to put things in my list that I want to do, or do again. That's one thing my bf couldn't understand. 
I said to him that I want to stay out dancing until 6am.
He said, haven't you done that? 
Yes, once, ten years ago. 
So why would you put it on your list? 
Because I want to do it again!
He still didn't get it. 

Today I read Cheryl's 26 before 26 (lucky girl has four years on me!) and it made me sit down and start planning mine. And then I realised that I've always been the kind of person that just goes and gives things a go when they want to do things, and making my list became difficult.

Here are some of the things I'm proud of accomplishing in the last 12 months:
Climbing Franz Josef glacier in the RAIN. (With a sulk or two)

Learning to snowboard very basically. There may have been a sulk here too.

Clay pigeon shooting for the first time - and hitting my targets by the end of it! (NO sulks here)

Organising and pulling off Sweet Fashion Auction!! WOW!
Starting Shh By Sadie. THAT was scary!

Quad biking at Cape Kidnappers
Climbing Mount KauKau with a HANGOVER! Thanks BF!!
Organising a large horse riding expedition AND getting my boot pooped on WHILST sitting on a horse - impressive right?!
Here are my draft first ideas for my new list:

1. Stay out dancing until 6am (ahem, as above OBVS!!)
2. Go back to New York (another 'repeat')
3. Lose at least a stone
4. Do something DIFFERENT with my hair
5. Swim in the sea here in NZ
6. Do something fun at least once a week
7. Manage the Butterfly Creek hike without keeling over like last time...

And that's all I've come up with for now!
I don't want to jump out of a plane or anything (HELL NO!) so I need to think of more fun things to do before i'm 30 - 23 more of them in fact.

So help me!
Please make your suggestions below - and send me links to your lists if you've done them! :)