Thursday, 30 June 2011

Friday Fashion Fix: Recycle Boutique!

Hello all! How has your week been? It's Friday afternoon here, woohoo!! I can't believe how quick another week has flown by!

I have had a good week and am going away for the weekend with my boyfriend so I am looking forward to that! I've caught a bit of the dreaded 'lurgy' that's been going around work (darned winter!) so am taking it easy tonight in hope that I will be a bit better tomorrow.

I also sold FOUR things in my Etsy Shop this week!! AMAZING!!

So last Friday I shared my previous Friday shopping excursion, THE Trelise Cooper dress. Well that same Friday, I spent my lunch hour rummaging around in Recycle Boutique. I wanted a new jacket / dress / ANYTHING but came away with a fabulous bag and pair of shoes instead!

They were in SUCH awesome condition that I couldn't leave them there! (Does this happen to you?!)

Whad'ya think??
I LOVE white bags and this one is HUGE! It was $38 and was originally from Country Road :)

These shoes had been worn barely once...the soles and heels were immaculate. I have since worn them to the orchestra last Saturday :)
Shoes, leather, by Siren, and were $25!!!!!!

This is AFTER I wore them last weekend!

Awesome deals!

And one other thing for your viewing pleasure - my nails!

As you can see if you look closely, some of them are peeling as I think I need a bit more practice applying them!

I bought these ages ago and have only gotten around to trying them this week as they seemed a bit fiddly.
They weren't TOO bad but I did have the bf holding the hairdryer for me as I applied them! At first I wasn't sure about them but now I quite love them!!! 
What do you think?
As you will see from this:
I have even coordinated my jewellery and clothes with them!!! hahaha

What are your weekend plans? :)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Hello all, I am currently at home taking it easy after stage three of the ongoing root canal. So by Monday evening, after stage four, hopefully I will NEVER have to mention those dreaded words again! Hurrah!

Before I go on to discuss the GIVEAWAY I wanted to share this with you:

Aprilia made a very good observation about my resemblance to a certain pink starfish!!!! I love it!!

So back to the FUN STUFF.

And, I am going to let the WINNER choose from a selection of prizes!

The prizes are all from my Etsy Shh By Sadie shop.

Here are your choices!!!
A beaded bracelet, made in YOUR CHOICE OF COLOUR SCHEME!
YOUR CHOICE of a BLACK or RED Nauti But Nice ring.

And last but not least, YOUR CHOICE of nude, white or black leather Baracus Babe chain bracelets!
There will be ONE RUNNER UP PRIZE too!!! (yes, double excitement!)
This will be for a felt brooch of YOUR CHOICE from the following:

So, how do you enter??

Firstly: you must be a What Sadie Did Google Connect follower to enter.
Then comment below to enter with your email address (I will only use it to contact the two winners).

Extra entries:
  • Like Shh By Sadie on Facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Add the Shh By Sadie and/or What Sadie Did button to your blog
  • Mention this giveaway in your blog and send me the link :)
There will be one extra entry for each of the above and please be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

Competition will be open for TWO WEEKS and closes on 13th JULY 2011 at 5pm NZT.


Monday, 27 June 2011

A fantabulous windswept Wellington day!

As I mentioned yesterday, I went for a windy walk on Sunday afternoon. Saturday was VERY SUNNY here and the boyfriend and I chilled out on the balcony all afternoon. (More of this please Wellington!!) However, Sunday was back to winter...but I liked it!

We went for a walk to Red Rocks - one of the first long walks I ever did here in NZ. If you walk all of the way, there is a seal colony at the end. We didn't go that far because it was too windy, but enjoyed blowing the cobwebs out of our heads!

The sea was SOO rough!

And to celebrate the fact that I got another use out of my Mum's coat.....(first debuted here)

The bf finally got the action shot!!
And here's a close up. Just for you. Special hood 'n all!!
Last night I added a coupla more things to my Etsy shop! I am planning MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY and will be announcing it tomorrow! I am VERY excited, so hope you are too. 
Have a great day!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

What I wore: Spots and Stripes!

Hey all, how was your weekend? I can't believe I'm sitting here and it's almost midday on Monday now - boo hoo, these weekends fly by!

I had a great 'windy walk' yesterday and will share some pics with you tomorrow. I also went to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra "Romeo and Juliet" performance on Saturday night - that was great! We scored some free tickets through work and I didn't know what to expect and it was fabulous :)
NZ Symphony Orchestra
Have you ever been to the orchestra?

So back to the outfit. This is what I wore to work on Friday, then jazzed it up with some alternative jewellery for a meal at our favourite Turkish restaurant that evening.
Blazer, Recycle Boutique; Top, Peacocks; Leggings, Glassons; Shoes, Matalan; Necklace, H&M Berlin.
I am NOT USED to being this pale!! So I am starting with the gradual self tan. Day two is today, so watch out for a golden glow soon (I hope!!).
I love this necklace - it was the ONLY thing I bought on a trip to Berlin last year!
As you know, I *heart* birds!

Left hand: Bracelet, Shh By Sadie; Right hand: Watch, Guess; Pink leather bracelet, Sydney; Pink leather chain bracelet, Shh By Sadie.
Those of you who have followed my blog for a wee while may recognise the blazer from my thrifting shopping day here.
I love this pink blazer and have been searching for a HOT PINK version of it - does anyone have any suggestions? (Except the Zara one as that seems impossible to get!!)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Friday Fashion Fix: Trelise Cooper

Happy FRIDAY! Firstly: THANKS for all of your well wishes with my tooth!!! It's lovely to have such wonderful bloggy friends, so A BIG THANK YOU! :D

Secondly - here's the PROMISED designer dress I bought last Friday! NZ designer Trelise Cooper sells fabulously flamboyant clothes, full of ruffles, patterns, prints, sequins, bows and fabulousness. Did I mention that they're fabulous!? But not cheap. :(

HERE are some of her pieces:

WELL! Last weekend there was a TC pop-up sale shop in the Opera House. So a colleague and I strolled on down at Friday lunchtime. Everything was pretty amazing, and I had to stop myself from buying many an item (times like that I needed that magic credit card that never exists!!). I tried on several items (IN A COMMUNAL CHANGING ROOM!! EEK! Thankfully I had a nice Elle Macpherson bra on!!) but whittled it down to one BLACK dress. Oh, and it's called Dynasty Diva. LOVE. IT.

Yes I shocked myself coming away with a black dress when there was such flamboyance available. But I figured a black dress can be worn over and over again, so was a better investment.

WARNING! These photos were taken at 2.30am after a tumble in Burger King!! (Yes, good question: what was a vegetarian wearing Trelise Cooper doing in BK in the first place?!)


Shoes, Bakers

Cuff and ring both Topshop; Nail varnish OPI Russian Navy
In hindsight, the dress is a bit too big. When I tried it on, I thought it was a bit loose but wearable....when I got home I realised I'd been taken in with the spur of the moment pressure, and it needs a bit of a nip and tuck. I put a little skinny belt with it, but think I will have to seek out a tailor. Pah!

Have you ever bought anything in the spur of the moment and later realised it wasn't quite right?!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Bows

Hello allllll! How is your week going? It's Thursday here, and yesterday I survived stage two of my root canal treatment!!! So I am halfway there, it's just annoying it's spread out by one appointment per week (to avoid infection).

I've had a super busy few's what I've been up to:

Doing NOTHING - I have become accustomed to staying at home in the evenings from when I had terrible toothache and now the bf can't shift me!!

Buying a DESIGNER DRESS! This deserves a post in itself, so watch out for that soooon!

FREELANCE work for a college in Melbourne. This is a great opportunity, but more work at the end of the day!

New additions to MY ETSY's a sneak peek:

Wearing BOWS for the Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge:
I love bows and managed to wear ELEVEN in one outfit :)
EXCUSE the TERRIBLE photo - I was rushing out to the dentist so this is the only shot I have!! ARGH!
These are my Dorothy shoes - I LOVE them but they are slightly too big so don't come out often. So annoying!

Some more bows!
What have YOU been up to?