Monday, 31 October 2011

I won something on Twitter! :)

Happy Halloween to those of you who are in a later timezone than me! Here it's already 1st November and I've sadly taken down most of my decorations already. I loved looking at all of your costumes and photos - great fun.

Last week I won a Twitter competition by Air New Zealand. I won a t-shirt by Huffer (an NZ designer). It's not my usual style but it'll come in handy for the gym - can't look a gift horse in the mouth after all! Air NZ are a really 'cool' airline and in the five times the bf and I have flown back to the UK, we've chosen to fly with them. They have a Twitter account called "AirNZFairy" and the fairy runs competitions and offers, it's a great social media tool. The fairy sent me my prize!

Cute bag it arrived in!

This is the Air NZ logo in smiley faces!
The card is in the shape of an airplane thingamajig! And was filled with gold hearts!
Have you ever won anything via Twitter? :)

P.S. If you're also on Twitter, find me! @sadiesadiesadie

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!

BOO! Happy Halloween! My weekend was busy busy busy - what did you get up to?

I had a Halloween BBQ at my house on Friday's a couple of pics....
Pumpkin gore cupcakes!
Halloween cupcakes
Poison bee cupcakes
Devilled Eggs!
My DIY banners!
More of the decos...

I ended up drinking FAR TOO MUCH wine and had a stinking headache on Saturday. And then had to dress up and perk myself up for my friend's Halloween house party!
Some of my friends. (All English!)
Me and the bf (this was the costume I had planned for the vintage dress!)

I found myself a Day of the Dead husband!! :)
Dan made his costume himself! I was VERY impressed!

I almost didn't want to wash this off afterwards! ;)
What have your Halloween plans involved?

Thursday, 27 October 2011

What I wore: Halloween 2010

Hi all, as mentioned yesterday, here are some photos of Halloween 2010. I went as a scary clown and DIY-ed the costume...I also became slightly obsessed with making pom poms after making them for this outfit! So much fun!
The corset was a lot 'boobier' than I'd intended!
Look at my rainbow nails, I quite enjoyed them!

I was tempted to wear my shoes like this again!

What a bunch of hotties!!
We made a cute couple, right?!

The bf looked hideous as a witch!!!!

And his witch shoes just wouldn't stay on. Maybe cos they were made for WOMEN?!
In my book my friends Lucy and Dan won the most horrendous costume. Their faces made me feel sick!!
By the end of the night my makeup was looking worse for wear. And never mind the headache I had the following morning!!
Good times!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Can you tell what it is?

Hi all! How's your week going? I have had another busy week so far. Last night I received two deliveries of clothing for the Sweet F.A. fashion auction I am organising. I had a quick look through the first delivery and there are Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs and Moschino shoes (all too big sadly), Sass & Bide jeans, a World blazer AND an amazing Lanvin for H&M dress that I may have my beady eye on! Yay! So the event organisation is going well. 

What are your Halloween plans? We have friends visiting from Sydney this weekend and so the bf and I are having a Halloween themed bbq on Friday night. I've made some quick DIY decorations and am going to dash out later when I have a spare hour to see if I can find some more cheapies. I also want to make some Halloween theme (EASY!!) cupcakes - PLEASE, DO YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION?? :)

On Saturday night we are all going to a Halloween party at a friend's house. Last year I went as a clown (I will post pics tomorrow!) and this year I felt I had left it too late to get a good (cheap and easy!) costume with everything that's been going on. BUT yesterday I rushed out of work at 4pm and found THIS fabulously sick dress in a charity shop for $10! WOW! OK, it doesn't actually do up at the back (it's very narrow) but I'm hoping to DIY a solution to that - I just loved the sleeves! 

SO - can  you guess what my costume is going to be??? :)
Excuse the floor - I took these photos in work! The dress is also still damp, I hand washed it last night as it smelt like grannies, but it STILL smells! Gross!

Are you dressing up for Halloween??

Monday, 24 October 2011

What I wore: Overdressed is better than underdressed, right?!

Hi all! How was your weekend? We had a three-day weekend (I call them Bank Holiday weekends as that's what they're called in the UK but no-one had a clue what I meant here! LOL).

The bf and I road-tripped it up to a place called New Plymouth. It took about 5-6 hours, including lunch stops. It was a beautiful, gorgeously scenic place but as we arrived quite late on Saturday afternoon (4.30pm) all of the shops were pretty much closed - it was raining so we couldn't go for a walk! So I ended up having a 2 hour 'nap' before waking at 7.30pm in a rush to get ready for some dinner and drinks. We found a fab bar / bistro and I had some lush cocktails, before the bf felt 'manflu' coming on so we went back to the hotel. He passed out on the bed and I sat reading for an hour with my night-light on. Rock AND roll!!

He managed to take one or two pics before passing out - I had to take the rest of them myself in the mirror! Ha!
Skirt, Matalan (seen here); Sequin blazer, New Look; Vest, Primark; Tights, Primark; Shoes, Matalan; Headband, Accessorize.

I'd been reading a magazine in the hairdresser about sequins being back in fashion and it reminded me that I had this jacket hanging in my wardrobe so I busted it out. I had no idea what New Plymouth was going to be like, but I always prefer to be overdressed than underdressed!
Ring, present from my Mum; black skull bracelet, Shh By Sadie; Charm bracelet, Tiffany.

Coral button earrings, Shh By Sadie.

Shoe boots, Matalan.

As I mentioned, on Friday I went to have some subtle highlights added to the tips of my hair. Cue awkward mirror photos to show you these tips!

What did you get up to this weekend? :)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Eternal Hair Dilemma!

Hi all! TGIF! And it's a long weekend here in NZ so that makes it DOUBLY exciting. The bf and I are heading up the coast to New Plymouth. It's a five hour drive so we're going to set off tomorrow morning and take it easy, stopping for lunch on the way. Hope the weather is kind to us!

Well I'm currently having one of my ETERNAL hair considerations...I've booked an appointment to get tips of my hair lightened slightly for a 'sunkissed' look now that spring is on its way!

I've had long hair my WHOLE LIFE and as much as I love it, I do get fed up with it and occasionally try to 'change it up a bit' whilst keeping the length. I've tried countless 'side fringes' and a couple of colours... I thought I'd show you the very few variations my hair has taken over the last few years!
The shortest it's ever been ;)
Me (with baby sister!) growing my locks slowly!
One night when I was living in Las Palmas back in 2004 I had insomnia - so cut myself a fringe!
Back from Las Palmas, in my last year of uni I began having highlights - as you probably know, hair gets lighter and lighter - soon after this stage I thought enough was enough! TOO blonde for my skin tone!

I went on to have blonder tips as the highlights grew out...
After a few months in the NZ and Aussie summer, 2 years ago my hair was naturally very sunkissed - I like it!

But just a month later decided to go RED!

And then had to dye my hair dark brown to cover it when it started fading and I grew bored of it...!

And now as you know my hair is back to its natural shade:

So today I am looking forward to trying something new!
Does anyone else have this quandary with their hair?!