Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Dress Up!

Hello my little lovelies! Today is the day some people have been anticipating for weeks - the Royal Wedding. As a Brit, I'm actually not too fussed about the wedding. I think it's lovely that Wills is marrying Kate, and can just imagine how exciting it is to be involved with such a wedding. But I'm not involved and so there ends my interest!

Even in NZ we are celebrating the wedding. We DON'T get the day off work (booo hiss) (and I discovered we don't get May Day off either - booo hiss), but we were sent an email in work yesterday inviting us to dress in a royal wedding theme and to have a little tea party this afternoon. We're 11 hours ahead of the UK so they're all tucked up in bed right now and the wedding footage actually commences at 6.30pm this evening.

I spent a little while rifling through my wardrobe last night for a frock suitable for fun as well as sitting in work all day, but gave up. In the end, I went with my new faux fur, some real pearls and a splash of red lippy. I thought I would rock snooty, aristocratic chic my way! ;)

Fur collar, Asos; Jacket, Valley Girl; Vest, H&M; Trousers, TK Maxx; Headband, Diva; Pearl bracelet, Christmas gift 2009 from the boyfriend <3.
I pretty much always wear nude lipstick and forgot how much fun it is wearing red!This is an old No. 7 lipstick in shade Moulin Rouge. I used to work part-time in Boots and could guarantee that each shift a customer would compliment me when I wore this shade! :D

Accessories! Antique pearl and ruby ring; Boots, Asos; Fur collar, Asos; Cameo, thrifted; Ring, as before; Pearl and elephant necklace, vintage.

Tonight I'm going to a friend's ex-pat party for scones, crumpets and I'm going to take cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches! Fun!
What are your thoughts and plans for the Royal Wedding??

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

What I Wore: In Auckland

Today I am very excited! My parcel from ASOS arrived!! I only ordered it a week ago, and with FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE, two Bank Holidays and a weekend, I am so impressed it is here already!

Here are my new babies items:

This is a new style for me. I needed shoes I can walk in for my trips to Sydney and Melbourne next month, so thought I would try these biker boots!

The weather is getting COLD here, so I look forward to wearing this faux fur soon!
And of course I had to treat myself to these babies!!!!!
Last night I tried another Katy Perry for OPI nail varnish - Teenage Dream. I bought it on my shopping spree in Auckland. Again, it's not my normal style (I think I got caught up in the shopping excitement!), but it's nice for a change and it's a pale, non-offensive colour!

OPI Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

I have a few more pics of my weekend in Auckland. I will keep it short!

Here's what I wore to dinner on Sunday - we went to an awesome Mexican cafe. It'd been a LONG day trekking around Waiheke Island, so we were both tired and I wanted to wear something comfy.

Blazer, Primark; Dress, Primark; Boots, Bronx; Socks, H&M.
Ring, Topshop
Of course the new Tiffany was worn!
Boring hair!
For dinner on Monday I had one of those 'moments'. It was pouring with rain outside and I couldn't decide what to wear... (Do you ever have moments like this!?)

First the hair was down. But I didn't like it.
Then it was in a side ponytail. Didn't like it either.
You can't really see here, but it ended in a messy side bun.
I put on my outfit, was ready to go - till I decided I didn't like the cardigan!
Harem trousers, TK Maxx; Shoes, Number 1 Shoes; Vest, H&M; Cardigan, TK Maxx.
Now I'm pretty sure I made the wrong choice when I swapped for my grey jacket! But at the time I gave up and went for comfort over style! 

Here are a few more Auckland pics!     
Arriving at Waiheke Island on the ferry
Waiheke Island

Isn't this just beautiful?! Coromandel

Pretty as a picture - Coromandel
Pirate golf while waiting to fly home

ALSO: I am posting two craft swaps today - so keep your eyes peeled AJ and Jaclyn! :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

And I'm back from my Easter weekend in Auckland!

Hello everybody! Well that was an unexpected extended break from blogging, so I apologise if you have missed me! ;)

I picked the boyfriend up from the airport on Good Friday at 3pm and by 6pm we were back at the airport to fly to Auckland for the weekend! It was great to have company again and he'd bought me some gorgeous gold bangles and a pair of hand made camel skin slippers (I will take pics and post them soon!).

We were away for 4 days and I took many a photo so I will not bombard you with them all at once!! We stayed at the Sky City Hotel. The Sky Tower is NZ's tallest building - you can sky dive off it, walk around the edge of it, or do as we did - eat in its revolving restaurant. The Sky City also has numerous restaurants, casinos and bars - a bit like a mini Vegas really!

Here are the pics of our first 24 hours in Auckland - one of my 'best days ever'! :)

His first meal after 48 hours of travelling. Love him! :)
The bf surprised me with a trip to Tiffany!! Whoop!! A belated bday present! :D
What's in the box?!?!
Looking pretty shiny and new in comparison to the others!
I did some great shopping - I love these little tin badges and can't wait to put them on a blazer or something!
Having a well deserved sit down

I actually wore flats!! And my feet still killed from all the walking!

I love the architecture in Auckland

The Viaduct Harbour
Going up in the lift for dinner at the revolving restaurant

I was brave and stood on the glass!

See-through floors = scary!

Amazing views of Auckland at night

A quick shot of what I wore to dinner!

This is the second time I've eaten at the restaurant. I love it there!!

Amazing views from the table!

The Sky Tower at night

So a day of sightseeing, eating, shopping, sunshine, the Sky Tower and then finishing off with cocktails and some roulette at the casino - almost worth the 10 days of being alone while the bf was in Oman! ;)