Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I want: pink(ish) bags!

Hi all! How is your week going?
I am back from my break in Oz - I love Australia! It was a great break and I have pics to post later this week.

I have been catching up with your blogs, and every time I see the fabulous Francessca of Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger with THIS amazing handbag, I get handbag envy!

Photo credit: Dontcallmefashionblogger
She always has the most fabulous shoes, bags, clothes - everything, but you probably know, that my favourite colour is coral. So this Proenza Schouler satchel is a winner for me!

It inspired me to have a nose around the internet for other leather coral bags yesterday and I found these two favourites:

Foley + Corinna Mid City Tote in coral leather.
This one folds over and has a cross body strap. Very handy. Love it. I found it here on They also do a studded version - here.

Oryany Handbags Tinsley SatchelI
I know, I know, this isn't coral! But I still love it. And it would be so fabulous for work! It's also at

What do you think? Do you ever get handbag envy?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Big love... these fashionistas! All snapped looking fabulous in their Shh By Sadie pieces!

All photos are from the blogs mentioned.

Flirty Fleur earrings as seen on Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb
Maori Dancing Girl brooch as seen on Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb
Maori Dancing Girl brooch as seen on Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb
Isn't She Tweet necklace as worn by Jacqueline at Positive Ponderings
Isn't She Tweet necklace as worn by Jacqueline at Positive Ponderings
Isn't She Tweet necklace as worn by Courtney

Neon Cross necklace, as seen on Fashionzen

Custom made skull necklace, as seen on Aprilia Love
Gingerbread Lover, as seen on Aprilia Love
Custom made skull necklace, as seen on Aprilia Love

Baracus Babe necklace and Tutti Fruiti bracelet, as seen on Cait at Sailing to Nowhere
Baracus Babe necklace and Tutti Fruiti bracelet, as seen on Cait at Sailing to Nowhere

Little Twinnies bracelet as seen on Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb
Little Twinnies bracelet as seen on Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb

You can see more Papped Pieces on my Facebook page here. And check out my Shh By Sadie Etsy page here.

Thanks to all of you who have supported my jewellery - it means the world to me <3

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Pinnacles

Howdy! Recently we had a visit from the bf's sister. He decided it was THE time that he was finally going to visit the Pinnacles. Now, he's been going on about walking to the Pinnacles for a LONG time, so I was glad he was finally going to find a time to do it, and then stop mentioning it! Haha.

(What on earth are the Pinnacles? They're in the top 101 must-dos for Kiwis, click here for info!)

It was a gorgeous autumn day - super sunny! En route we stopped off in Martinborough for a cheese and wine lunch. Perfect pre-hike nourishment.

LOOK at that blue sky!

We were slightly delayed by some locals....
But finally reached the starting point of the hike...

Does anyone else see something in the shape of the pinnacle here?!
It was a hard hike, but a beautiful day and an amazing destination.

Puffed out! :)
It involved jumping over several large streams! This was hilarious as the bf's sister was scared of falling in!!
About 2 hours later, we were back to the start.
And the bf finally had seen his 'Pinnacles' :)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Noosa Nights

Au revoir my friends, I am off on a wee jaunt (read: long weekend) to Australia with the better half. We are in work this morning (boo), finish at 12 and fly at 3! We head to Brisbane for two nights and Noosa for another two nights. Very exciting! Hoping for some warm(er) weather and some shopping in Brizzy!

I have been to Noosa before, a coupla years ago, with my BFF on a backpacking trip....
We liked to see ourselves as "flash packers" rather than "back packers"!

My bestie! Also mentioned here.
These huge earrings featured a few times on the trip. Jewellery essentials for a backpacking trip of COURSE!
We bussed from Cairns to Sydney on these babies. And they were fantastic!
We really enjoyed Noosa - sunshine + gorgeous beaches. We'd had our fair share of rain in the first week or so of the trip!

And played 'shithead' (a silly card game) with a few wines and a few randoms!
These were our drunk "poker faces". Don't ask!
PS notice the bling - I did not travel light!!
A midnight stroll on Noosa beach
 We encountered some wildlife....
There were TWO of these freaky spiders! We fled!!
A snake we encountered on a stroll. Thankfully it was dead!!
This trip was my first hostel experience and I'd not relished the idea!! But it was pretty entertaining.
This dude crashed into bed one night. Then rolled over and fell OFF the bunk beds!! Me and my BFF thought he was hilarious and NUTS!
So I look forward to this trip to Noosa!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A different kinda Sunday

Yes it's no longer the weekend - my apologies for still mentioning it!

As I mentioned in my last post, the bf was away in Auckland Friday-Saturday. And so on Sunday we (well, actually HE) decided we'd go out and about and do something different - it was a lot of fun!

The weather was gorge, people were out and about meandering, and we enjoyed a fresh autumn day.

We walked into town and to the Civic Square
The bf wanted to show me an exhibition that some of our colleagues at the university are exhibiting in. It was really cool. Some of it was a bit blah (I don't 'get' it!) but our colleague's work was great fun. 

This was the exhibit the bf wanted me to see. It's called Lean by David Cross, an academic at the university I work for. These are two of a set of four inflatable 'things' and you lean or dive into them! ADULTS TOO! I was a bit scared (they're dark inside and quite claustrophobic!) but I had a coupla goes and they were fun :)

Our 'hood was splendidly sunny!
We had a bite to eat at a Mexican cafe
And he took me to a restaurant we'd never tried before that evening :)
Love this bike!!
It was great to do something different on a Sunday. 
What do you normally do on your Sundays?

Monday, 21 May 2012

Weekend Snapshots

Hi all, as you may know, I'm a big fan of Instagram (you can find me @sadiesadiesadie). Because of my addiction to this app I find myself snapping pics of pretty much everything I do!

Here are a few snaps of what I've been up to over the weekend, including attending the launch of Matchbox Studios on my lonesome!....
I brunched alone! The bf pretty much always makes breakfast / brunch on Saturdays but he was in Auckland, so despite waiting for my breakfast to arrive, by midday (yep, for reals, I was one lazy mare!) I was hungry enough to make my own ;)
PS how good is George Foreman  - grilled mushrooms are such a treat and all you need is a splash of balsamic vinegar!
I got my craft on. I made this necklace for myself with the plan of wearing it that night at the gallery launch I attended - alone!! - due to the bf being outta town. I did meet up with him afterwards when he came straight to town from the airport to meet me :)
The skull is huge! And the beads I bought whilst in Gay Paree

I wore this sick-as vintage jacket thing over a vest and leather-look leggings. I didn't wear the new necklace in the end!
I picked the jacket up a couple of weeks ago along with another vintage blazer that is yet to be collected from the dry cleaner - oops.

A sneak peek of some of the new designs I worked on over the weekend. I <3 them and have already decided to keep two for myself!
Chocolate nails matched the frosty weather we've been having.
I found this on the bench at the bus stop. A thimble! Really?!?!
And these are the accessories I ended up wearing - instead of the gigantor skull I'd made especially for the occasion. Ah well, I'm a fickle lady :)
Faux fur snood, ASOS thanks to my Mum; Vintage clutch, Recycle Boutique; Necklaces both Shh By Sadie :)
 Have you ever attended an event alone? How'd it go?