Thursday, 8 December 2011

Made it back to the Northern Hemi!!

I'm alive!!! After flying back to the UK, we arrived on Monday morning. It's been a busy few days shopping, catching up with friends and of course my gorgeous little niece and my grandparents (if you remember, my Grancha had been quite ill a couple of months ago so it was SO great to see him as soon as I got home).

I had to buy a wi-fi router for my parents' house, which I then had to ask my Dad to install (yes I was NOT messing up his PC!!), THEN after it was all up and running I realised I only had a NZ plug on my laptop! Talk about disappointing! So I bought an adaptor today and hey presto, here I am.
The bf in his business class 'space seat'

Check out the seats!! Made SUCH a difference to the journey :)

I have had a wee bit of jetlag - needing a nap at around 6pm! Last night I went to bed at 9pm (WOW!) as I'd woken at 5am! 

Anyway this was just a quickie to check in and say YES I AM STILL HERE.

Hope to catch up on your blogs tomorrow :) xxx


  1. Whoa crazy seats - they look ultra expensive lol comfy though! x

  2. Oh my - I feel so bad that I have only just found out that you have gone back to the UK!
    I hope you had a safe journey and that everything is going well!
    Miss you and our comments, heh.


  3. Glad you are home and safe! I would LOVE to travel business class!

  4. wow the seats look amazing! have fun dear

    XX Ilana

  5. Glad to hear that you had a safe journey and have had a nice catch up with family and friends. The aeroplane interior looks all futuristic!


  6. Oh you fancy huh? Check out those seats! what luxury! Well, Im glad to hear you heard it safe. Enjoy your time with la familia.

  7. Glad your back safe. Those seats look amazing!!

  8. Ooh, loving the seats - Air NZ I take it!

    I hope you're having a wonderful time in the UK... it's a pain dealing with all the different adaptors but I'm glad it was an easy fix for you. :)

  9. Good you made it home safely! And lucky you travelling so spacious! ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend! xo, Christina

  10. Looks so comfy, way better than my recent 'economy' flight! xx


  11. Oh wow, those seats are amazing! I've never taken a flight that's long enough to see an upgraded plane! Looks like it could be fun, especially in first class! Yay for getting back to your family, and welcoming back internet! I'm struggling with the same thing when I go back to my house in Pennsylvania. My parents need to get a wireless router.
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