Sunday, 4 December 2011

I'm a celebrity - get me outta here!!

Hey all! Well you probably haven't heard, but last night Wellington had a (minor) earthquake, it was off the coast of the south island but boy did I pee my pants!! I've experienced quakes in Christchurch last Christmas but never in my own home! So needless to say I am glad to be getting out of the country today!

I am currently sat in the business lounge at Auckland airport, sipping bubbles in celebration of being granted an upgrade. NOT a free one, before you ask HOW, but one using my airpoints. They're still like magic dust to come by, so I'm pretty chuffed and hope it'll make the next 26 hours of flying a little nicer!

So here's one of the new purchases I mentioned last time: the sickest shoes i've ever owned. So bad they're amazing. These shots were taken after a very long day: waking at 6am with a sickness bug, doing a market 12-5, packing my suitcases and then having the shock of the quake! So excuse the tiredness :)
Such a tired face!!Silk top, Zara, leggings, Glassons, Booties,

Ring Shh by Sadie, Bangle (just seen) HayLuv, Watch Michael Kors
Booties bought on

Grrr!! :)
 Whadya think of the sickos then!?


I did have more photos but the internet here is waaaaay tooooo slow so i give up! :)


  1. The shoes are beyond amazing! So cool! Have a safe flight and don't get frostbites when you get home. :-)
    xo, Christina

  2. Those shoes are sick...but I like 'em!

    Earthquakes=scary. I hope you have a good flight home!

    --Jaclyn T

  3. Earthquake = ick. I had horrible dreams last night about earthquakes not cool! Probably because I did the red zone bus tour yesterday ooops. ANywho those wedges are pretty damn sick, I am rather jealous. Hope you are having a fab flight xx

  4. AMAZING shoes!! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures at home.

    Also that earthquake was a pretty nasty one - I was at the TSB Stadium for derby at the time. Not a nice place to be!!

  5. great shoes Sadie can't wait to see some pics from Wales you lucky gal!
    XX Ilana

  6. I love the colour of the shoes, it's so fresh and fun and just brightens up the whole outfit :)

  7. Those booties are bad ass! Are they comfortable? Hope you had a safe trip.


  8. Such a nice look! :)


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