Friday, 8 July 2011

Still here!

Hello my lovelies! It has been another mad, frantic, busy week. It's now 6pm Saturday and I've hopped in the shower in preparation for my first "proper" night out in I don't know HOW long! How times have changed!!

Here are a few quick pics to show you what I've been up to!
I bought this dress from the NEW and much nicer Recycle Boutique. I admit it looks like a sack in this photo! I'm planning on wearing it tonight with a vintage belt and some bling! And yes, those little cheeksters on the canvas are the bf and me in Oz last year!
Close up of the ruffles!
I bought this cute wooden box on our weekend away last weekend and it's now home to some of my *ahem* small collection of jewellery.

I made this little guy!Well, I ordered the bead, popped a headpin through him and strung it on a gold chain. Cute!
I spent the afternoon baking cupcakes and decorating them with glitter icing pens for a crafternoon I am having tomorrow. I will show you PROPER pics then. I figured I MAY have a sore head tomorrow so wouldn't want to be doing it then!
I made friends with the bf (here's why we fell out) after he bought me these and apologised :)
I have still got two of the nails on!! I peeled the rest of them off last weekend, but have kept the two 'ring finger' nails as I think it's cool!

I went to the launch of the bf's conference last night. It was great fun and I will tell you more about it in a few days!
What are YOUR weekend plans?


  1. I must head to the new recycle boutique - I thought it was open already.

    Let me know how your crafternoon goes - that sounds super fun^^

  2. Ok - can't wait to see the dress on you!
    That jewellery box is incredible! I love it and want something like it!
    LOVE the necklace you made - I think they would go well in your Etsy store!!
    So glad to hear you and your bf made up! :))
    Can you send me some of those cupcakes? :p
    Om nom nom!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!


  3. That dress is so cute! I also love your nail polish design. You have a nice blog. Would you like to follow each other?
    Ask Erena

  4. How busy you have been.... But it seems like you are have fun! The dress is cute and I LOVE the nails.
    You have just a few jewelry pieces there. lol...
    I was wondering if you have gotten you parcel yet? I was hoping it would get there safe and sound. This weekend I am hoping to get creative!

  5. aw a crafternoon sounds so much fun!! i want one!!!! might actually try and organise one :-) your jewellery collection is amazing

  6. Yum, Yum, cupcakes!! Loving that dress you bought! Can't wait to see how you wear it! Have a great night out!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  7. The dress is absolutely fabulous and I adore that box! i need one like that!

  8. Your jewellery collection looks so cheerful and bright! I am liking that dress you bought. And that box? Too cute!

    This weekend I did some road trippin' with the bf for his brother's wedding (his bro is one of my good buddies and how the bf and I were introduced) which was fun. I am glad to be home now, though! Tonight is laundry, jogging, and studying...the life of glamour, no?

  9. Love the blue dress! You should post a picture of yourself wearing it with the belt. Btw, what a talent you have for making things!

  10. Nice post! You have a really nice blog also! Would you like to follow mine? Comment on one of my posts to let me know that you followed me, and I'll follow you back 100%


  11. your jewelry box is pretty cool! the crown is perfect ;;)) haha!!

  12. Haha I really did not know it was a dress in the first picture but I am sure it looks amazing... Cute jewelry box for cute jewelry..

    All the best, Angel

  13. This is really cute. I like how you painted one nail a different color. Great pics

    I did that giveaway too!

  14. I'm going on a "proper" night out this Friday...YAY!!

    Love that unicorn necklace and cute cupcakes and tea collection!

  15. great photos love the jewelry box so cute and i be the cupcakes were delicious!


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