Monday, 4 July 2011

Weekend Away

Hi all, how have you all been? Sorry for not posting for a few days, I have still got a cold and so have been taking it easy.

How was Fourth of July for all of my American blogging friends?? I have seen so many fabulous photos and stories of celebrations online, it seems like great fun!

I FINALLY had the last session of the root canal yesterday afternoon so when it all settles I should be fine and dandy!

The bf and I went away for the weekend. He's organised a big international conference which is happening this weekend, so it was nice to spend some time together before he's rushed off his feet! We went to a vineyard estate called Parehua and stayed in one of their 'luxury secluded cottages' - it was fabulous. We didn't do much other than watch films, drink some wine and relax as I was still quite sucky with the cold, but I DID manage to take a dip in the hot tub too! For medicinal purposes only of course!!

On the road to Martinborough..

Our cosy cottage (once the fire was on!)
The cottage peeked over the lake
View from the bedroom
Living room
I love all of the pillows and blankets!
The bf went and bought me the SAME dressing gown the following morning :D
Wine time in the hot tub!!!

VERY frosty the next morning! We don't get frost in Wellington so it was a nice change!
We cycled into town to browse the *ahem* FOUR shops!  
 What did you do this weekend?

Tonight it's my friend's birthday. She's also from the UK and so we are having a big 'expat' birthday meal to celebrate! Good times!


  1. What a lovely post! The weekend sounded like so much fun and your boyfriend sounds like such a thoughtful guy! So happy I followed you! Extremely gorgeous photos and wonderful writing.
    Would you consider checking out my blog? I'd love your input!


  2. Haha looks like you two had a good relaxing time! :)
    I think I need a getaway like that to unwind. I've been so tired of late :(
    On the weekend, my bf and I hung out and ate good food - what we usually do. Haha.
    Hope you found something good to buy at one of the four shops? Lol.


  3. You looked like you had a really nice time. I spent the weekend babysitting for my nieces, nephews and great nephew while everyone else celebrated the fourth of July. :)

  4. That place looks gorgeous! I actually went to a vineyard today and did a wine tasting with some family. It was super relaxing, I just wish we would have got to stay in a nice room overnight like you did!


  5. Hmm that hot tub looks comfortable but small haha..

    All the best, Angel

  6. oooh that tub looks nice! I am so jealous hope you had an amazing time!
    XX Ilana

  7. the hottub looks so comfy n warm! :)

  8. looks so beautiful! I'm jealous!
    I need a holiday like that.

  9. It looks like such a lovely cottage, very relaxing :) looks like you had a nice time, shame about the cold, hope you are feeling better now :)

  10. sadie love this place is gorgeous! glad you had your final root canal ~ yay! but hope you're feeling better soon.

  11. gorgeous cottage...hope you are feeling better and had a great time!

  12. That is your winter?! Come to Atlantic Canada and see what real winter looks like, haha! The cottage looks very luxe indeed and so beautiful. This weekend I spent time with the bf, did laundry, and read my textbooks.

  13. WOW, lucky you! Everything looks amazing! Great photos!


    Fashion Fractions

  14. the living room looks lovely. this makes me want to go cycling in my neighborhood.

  15. wine and hot tub!!! love them:)) the skys are sooooo pretty and blue, beautiful pictures!!

  16. that house looks great! what a nice lil giveaway!

  17. Great place especially the bedroo and the hot tub! Wow!!!!

  18. Lovely photos!!Really nice cottage too!
    I'm now following your blog,following back?

  19. What a lovely weekend away. The place looks beautiful. You made me laugh with the "four shops" comment! We've run into that more than once here in AU. Love this post!
    Dressology HQ

  20. Your vacation spot looks so serene and perfect! I hope you get better soon! My 4th of July was really fun!!

    Live Life in Style

  21. beautiful photos you look so adorable! so glad you got a weekend away and are hopefully feeling a lot better i'm sure a cold and root canal is a horrible combination!


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