Friday, 22 July 2011

What's in your bag?

Hello, I have something a lil bit different today! Over on A Pretty Nest Marie-Eve is having a link party for us to show what's in our handbags...and seeing as I'm a little bit nosey, I joined in!!!

So here is what was in my handbag today.....
Today was not an average day - and my bag contents reflect this!
My trusty Betsy Johnson - it's a really great bag as it holds a LOT. I treated myself to this when I got my first job as Editor a few years back and it's still going strong :)

SO what is in here???
Birthday card for my niece (she is FOUR next month OMG!), delivery of cabouchons for my shop I collected today (all the way from the UK!), and passport photos from my morning at the immigration office today - I DIDN'T GET MY VISA RENEWED and have to wait for them to decide whether I get to stay in NZ or not! How rude! hahaha
My purse (from Witchery) and a thermos cup from T2 in Melbourne - I was going on a work road-trip straight after the immigration office and so thought I might need a cup of tea for the road - I didn't so just carried it with me all day anyway!!!

My trusty pink Filofax!!!!!!! My mum asked me 'does anyone still use those!?' when I told her I'd ordered one - well Mum, I do!!! hahaha

The rest of the photos won't rotate sorry - I don't know why Blogger is saving them this way around :'(
Proof I may be the last Filofax user!!
My Radley passport cover - a gift from a friend when I left the UK
Which is now EMPTY because immigration have my passport with my visa application
Keys and leather gloves (Primark)

Sunglasses (cheapies I just leave in my bag for winter sun), headphones and camera cord
Make up bag, postal receipt for my latest shop sale :D, random business card, hair elastic and headband, painkillers and my business card wallet

A lot of stuff in one small(ish) bag!!


  1. Love your bag! It's always good to have one that holds plenty. The pink Filofax is gorgeous too. I used to use one but ditched mine when I got my iPhone. Have a great weekend xoxo

  2. OMG - so many things in your bag, hehe.
    I just carry my phone, wallet and camera around - maybe some lip balm! :p
    What's the go with immigration!? I hope you can stay! :(


  3. I think we belong to the same "prepared for anything" club! I love the cute passport cover, too. Totally adorable!
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  4. That is a lot of stuff! I love your little thermos and your Radley passport holder :)

  5. That's an awesome bag! What a cute passport holder :)

  6. thanks for showing us what's in your bag! i'm always awfully curious when it comes to this haha

  7. love your bag! You carry so much stuff around :P I'm not any better either :)
    happy friday!


    Fashion Fractions

  8. That is a stunning bag !!! I too need a real paper planner, I can't rely on an electronic agenda, it drives me crazy ! Thanks for being par of the party !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  9. how much does this bag wight?? so many things.

    great blog , came here from another blog who follows you.

    My latest post on the Dolls Factory
    Vintage Shopping in Como, Fendi sunglasses from the 80s Let me know what you think. Have a nice weekend.

    Let me know if you decide to follow, It would be my please to start a blogging friendship.

  10. hey, you have to be ready for anything! that's my motto! love your bag...good luck with the visa!

  11. That is a lot of stuff for one bag... What happened with your VISA????

    All the best, Angel

  12. Dang girl! I thought I carried a lot of stuff in my purse!! Do you have any shoulder pains?

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  13. Great idea! I really love having a nosy in peoples bags:P

    I Really REALLY hope immigration renew your visa!

  14. Wow;looks like you have lots of lovely things inside your bag. My girlfriend have them similar as yours inside her bag too.

    Nice blog. Just dropping by. :-)

  15. Sadie you are like me!! I tend to pack the whole hose in my bag! hahaha!!

  16. Wow you have so much stuff in your bag, I only have my purse, keys and phone (and maybe some sweet wrappers!) I do love your purse and your pink filofax though!


  17. Cuantas cosas llevamos las mujeres en el bolso, verdad??? increible

  18. ooh i love this idea. my bag is very organised but has everything i could ever think i might need: compeed, plasters, paracetamol...

    the party was such fun today, hope you had a nice afternoon with your neighbours :-) xx

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  20. it's cool that you can keep your thermos in your bag. and i love those gloves!

  21. haha how do you carry all that Sadie! I might do this post tomorrow its a great idea!

    XX Ilana

  22. wow that is ALOT sometimes if i have a big bag i allow myself to stick whatever in there so it doesn't feel so empty lol


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