Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What I wore: to a cake and karaoke party!

Hi all! How's it going? We're officially in December now and SUMMER actually began today in New Zealand! Whoop! Though in FOUR days I will be "leeeaving on a jet plane" to spend two and half months back in Wales!

Time has been flying by - with markets, parties, birthdays, Christmas parties and events and one whole Sunday afternoon lounging in the hot tub at a friend's house (THAT was pretty sweet!!). The weather has been fantastic (on the whole) so it's been very strange packing Uggs and jumpers into my suitcase!

On Saturday (after a busy day at a market, which i'd irresponsibly turned up to after 5 hours sleep and with a hangover!!) I went to my friend's birthday 'cake and karaoke' party.

Here's what I wore, including the amazing new necklace I bought myself at the market that day. I <3 it!
Shirt, Dotti; Playsuit, Cotton On; Leggings, Glassons; Shoes, Siren; Bag, Witchery.
Earrings, Diva; Necklace, Craft Me Up.

Blurrrry eyes. Nice.

I looove this little guy! He is hand painted ceramic by an 'old man in Thailand' apparently and there are only two of them in NZ! I snapped him up IMMEDIATELY :)

His little hand painted face!! Super cute!

Ring, Primark; Watch, Michael Kors; Skull bracelet, Shh By Sadie; Gold bangle, Hay Luv.
Shoes, Siren.
I've been buying some treats for my holidays as well as some (ahem) essential things such as a new Marc Jacobs laptop bag which arrived today. I just hope it fits my laptop cos I didn't measure it first! EEK!

Will post pics tomorrow! How have YOU started December?? :)


  1. I want your necklace!! Haha oh Karaoke.. I think I only did that once and was drunk.. Wow.. you are going to be gone for a while.. Will you still be blogging and updating us??

    Love! ~Angel

  2. I LOVE that necklace!! So cute xoxo

  3. Hey Sadie! You must be soooo excited about your trip! I LOVE your necklace & even better that it's so unique. Hope you had fun at the karaoke xoxo

  4. You look adorable! I love that necklace...xo, Christina

  5. Exciting, 2 and a half months you lucky thing! Funny story I literally bought the exact same shirt on sale in Dotti yesterday, I have been wanting a faded denim shirt forver but didnt want to pay and arm and a leg. Cant wait to rock it! xx

  6. I love your hair like that!!! I am also liking that necklace! You look stunning sadie!!!

  7. awhhhhhhhhhhh, i love this outfit so much! the necklace is gorgeous and so are the heels!

    Happy Friday!


    Fashion Fractions

  8. Such a cute outfit, love the denim shirt and the tiger necklace! Have a great weekend dear! xx

  9. love the denim shirt! its beautiful :D



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