Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Back in "summer" down under!

Hi all!! So sorry it’s been such a long time since I last blogged  - with the best of intentions, I got wrapped up in my last ten days in the UK, popping here there and everywhere to catch up with people before I left.

And then after a three hour car drive, 26 hour flight, 45 minute domestic flight and a fifteen minute taxi, I was back where I started three months ago!

So FAR so GOOD with the jetlag – the bf and I have been sleeping and waking at relatively normal hours – hurrah. And I went straight back to work 12 hours after arriving! EEK!

So here’s a peek at what I have been up to the last week or so via Instagram (my new addiction). Now that I’m unpacked and settled back into my freshly cleaned house (I had a polishing frenzy last night! I think my house has wood for every surface imaginable so it was a big job!), I can resume normal blogging entries :)

My last 10 days part one - due to my obsession with Instagram I will split this into two parts - aren't I kind!?

On the Friday I went for a lovely 'posh' dinner to bid adieu to one of my besties

And wore my new hot pink trousers! Brave!
How do you feel about bright trousers?
EXCUSE this horrrrrrrrrrendous photo of myself! :)
On the Saturday evening I cooked a three course meal for my parents and grandparents. You may remember that a few months ago my Grancha was reeeeally ill, so it was lovely to spend some time with him and my fabulous Nanny Mac :) Nan said it was their first ever full vegetarian meal! Cute!

The next morning I was up at 6am to travel to London to spend 24 hours with my youngest sister. We met in the centre to visit Spitalfields Market (it was MUCH bigger than the last time I went!! AMAZING!)
Funky street art in Spitalfields

We had lunch at Covent Garden and spotted where they were setting up for the BAFTAS that evening! Oooh!

And paid 13 pounds for the most ridiculous nail art EVER!!!! We HAD to laugh at how bad it was - otherwise we'd have cried!!!

I bought my new skull ring at Spitalfields and have become firm friends with him since ;)

And finally got around to sending this postcard to my colleagues in NZ - i'm back at work now and it still hasn't arrived yet - whoops!! ;)
What have you been up to? :)


  1. great pics you must be so exhausted after such a long flight I couldn't begin to imagine being on a plane for that long! glad to have you back dear
    XX Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  2. Ooh I love your London pics :) and those hot pink trousers! You are so good going back to work just 12 hours after arriving! Weren't you absolutely exhausted after your journey? I'm glad that you arrived safely and you are back into a normal sleep pattern now :)! xx

  3. Welcome back! Great pics, cant wait to travel those ways emself one day xx

  4. Great to see you back. Sounds like you had one AMAZING vacation. It is always wonderful when you get to spend time with family. BTW, love the nails!
    I have beentrying to get back to blogging and updating my etsy shop. Both have been terribly neglected for the last few months.
    Hope you enjoy being home.

  5. OMG, I really like these photos and I love bright trousers. These look great on you and your last 10 days in the UK look like so much fun. And how nice of you to cook a meal for your parents and grandparents ..that is cute about the full "vegetarian' part. Nice post Sadie!


  6. I Love bright pants, those are fabulous! I also love that skull ring!

    xo Gillie

  7. Love your bright denim! I'm totally hooked on Instagram too!! It looks like you had such a fab trip Sadie.
    Happy Wednesday xoxo

  8. Hahaha It seems that you had a crazy time! Those nails aren't that bad and I like your bright pants!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  9. kudos to you--a 26 hour flight is crazy!

    and i love your bright red pants. i just bought a pair!

    Come enter my Sadee Says giveaway!

  10. I Love the pants!!! Really any bright color is just perfect at the moment! And I like your instagrams!! I am in love with that app! :-) Have a lovely day! xo, Christina


  11. Lovely pix - although that nail art is pretty bad - gah!! I had the mani/pedi from hell a while back so I can relate:P Glad you're back in town, lets catch up soon:)


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