Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bonjour Paris!

Hello all! This is just a quick post before I leave for Paris this afternoon. I'm popping off with my parents, sister and four year old niece! And apparently the weather there is far colder than Britian is at the moment - OMG!

I have a couple of photos to share with you from the first time I went to Paris - the bf and I had been dating just a few weeks and he took me to Paris as a birthday present in March 2008....

Even in those days I loved a fashion mag in the airport!

Don't let the sun fool you - it was FREEZING!

SO sophisticated! haha

At the top of the Eiffel Tower

Have you ever been to Paree?


  1. I adore Paris! It's one of my favourite cities so I've been about 5 times!! Have fun xoxo

  2. omg, now you made me really jealous!!

    enjoy your trip :)

  3. OOOOh look at his picture....very sophisticated!! Have fun in paris dear!!!

  4. Have the best time, Sadie!
    Can't wait to see photos!
    I was in Paris in 2008 or 2009 I think it was - loved it. So many beautiful museums and delicious food!
    Dying to go back!

    x Aprilia

  5. great photos hope you enjoy your trip to paris!

  6. Whoa, how envious its Paris! Hope you have fun in there. Waiting for more Paris post here. :)
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  7. beautiful pics dear I wish I could be there right now!
    XX Ilana

  8. I wish I could go to Paris. I think I would prefer London though. My son is wanting to get a trip to London for a graduation present next year. Maybe he will make it there when I can't. I am happy for you that you are getting to spend time with your family. I have missed seeing what Sadie did!
    HUGS~ AJ

  9. Paris is such a beautiful place. i went to all the same attractions when i went there!

  10. Lucky girl! Wish I could just jump on a plane to Paris - hope you have a great time xx

  11. Ok well I havent been to PAris, but Ive been to Bath. Do I at least get one point? Wow your bf took you there after a few weeks? What a catch. I never knew you were a vegetarian either. I dont like meat too much but I havent completely rejected it from my "diet" haha. Have fun! Take loads of photos!


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