Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A crafty quickie!

Hey all, are you surviving the cold weather that seems to be taking over the world!?!? Brrr!!

I'm back in Wales after my trip to Paris and have tonnes of pics to share with you! But as I'm lazy and haven't downloaded them yet, here's couple of pics of my FABULOUS beads I bought in the most amazing Parisian bead shop! (Yes I'm a geek!) And a couple of other crafty bits I've been buying on my travels.

How the hell I'm going to get it all back to NZ is beyond me!!! EEK!

This is one of two loads of beads I chose from the shop, it was SO much fun!!!!

The ONLY place i've found metal skulls in this shape!! They weren't cheap though so I only bought four. (And have already used one!!)

Loooovely crystal beads :)

Some other little bits I've bought

Here's one of the skull necklaces I made this evening <3
Little Lion charm necklace

Skull necklace number two I made tonight!

They will be added to my Etsy shop when I get a spare moment - Dad had me rummaging around in the cellar today sorting through tonnes of my old stuff (some of it was quite entertaining - old photos and letters, where does the time go?!?!) and the best bit was finding a bag of vintage beads! I've washed them and look forward to fiddling with them tomorrow :)
Yep, I'm loving Instagram at the moment, as you can tell from my frames! You can find me on there at @sadiesadiesadie :)


  1. OMG I want the lion charm necklace let me know when its in the shop! sooooo damn cute
    XX Ilana

  2. So many cute little beads, Sadie!
    Love it all! ;)

    x Aprilia

  3. Looking forward to this pictures of Paris, I've never been before so I'm interested to see what it is like :)! I love the metal skulls, and what you did with one, the necklace looks so cool! What are you thinking of fashioning the vintage beads into? :) xx

  4. I love craft supplies from far away - when I was in Singapore recently I found so much fabric I wanted!!! Unfortunately due to weight restrictions I had to limit myself to 4.5 metres of fabric, next time I think I will go to the fabric district first and then post stuff home :D

  5. What a great bunch of beads. You will have a blast creating with them I am sure.

  6. I bet you were in heaven in these shops! I love anything to do with skulls so naturally I love the skull beads the best! Love the necklace you created with it. Happy Thursday hun xoxo

  7. cute pieces can't wait to see what more you create with the skulls!

  8. Paris beads! i mean bijoux..Everything is better when french!

  9. Ooo, so many pretty colors of beads! Can't wait to see what you create :)

  10. Those are pretty cute! I like the skull beads - you'll have to show us what you make using the rest of them!

  11. I like the necklaces! especially the skull ones!! You have bought a lot of beads dear!!!

  12. i love unique beads like these. you are making some cool looking jewelry!

  13. I love the second skull necklace you made, that's gorgeous. It reminds me a little bit of The Mighty Boosh! I tagged you in the Tag Me - Tag You blog tag post too :) xxx

  14. Oooh love that bead photo, looks so pretty! Nothing like a little crafting, that third necklace is super cute. And I'm Instagram obsessed too! I'll double check if I'm following you, but not sure. I think I would have remembered these pics!! x

  15. love the bracelets!!

  16. hi Sadie! You know I am going to paris ina couple of weeks?Can't wait! have a nice week!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  17. aww love your jewelry, it's so cute ;) xx

  18. I love that little skull charm :) I hope you will follow my blog



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