Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Pinnacles

Howdy! Recently we had a visit from the bf's sister. He decided it was THE time that he was finally going to visit the Pinnacles. Now, he's been going on about walking to the Pinnacles for a LONG time, so I was glad he was finally going to find a time to do it, and then stop mentioning it! Haha.

(What on earth are the Pinnacles? They're in the top 101 must-dos for Kiwis, click here for info!)

It was a gorgeous autumn day - super sunny! En route we stopped off in Martinborough for a cheese and wine lunch. Perfect pre-hike nourishment.

LOOK at that blue sky!

We were slightly delayed by some locals....
But finally reached the starting point of the hike...

Does anyone else see something in the shape of the pinnacle here?!
It was a hard hike, but a beautiful day and an amazing destination.

Puffed out! :)
It involved jumping over several large streams! This was hilarious as the bf's sister was scared of falling in!!
About 2 hours later, we were back to the start.
And the bf finally had seen his 'Pinnacles' :)


  1. Amazing photos! You look funny ;)


  2. Haha I totally see another shape in that pinnacle! I've never heard of the pinnacles before so I looked at the link you gave and it looks absolutely amazing, how long did it take you to hike all the way around it? It looks so pretty! xx


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