Thursday, 24 May 2012

Noosa Nights

Au revoir my friends, I am off on a wee jaunt (read: long weekend) to Australia with the better half. We are in work this morning (boo), finish at 12 and fly at 3! We head to Brisbane for two nights and Noosa for another two nights. Very exciting! Hoping for some warm(er) weather and some shopping in Brizzy!

I have been to Noosa before, a coupla years ago, with my BFF on a backpacking trip....
We liked to see ourselves as "flash packers" rather than "back packers"!

My bestie! Also mentioned here.
These huge earrings featured a few times on the trip. Jewellery essentials for a backpacking trip of COURSE!
We bussed from Cairns to Sydney on these babies. And they were fantastic!
We really enjoyed Noosa - sunshine + gorgeous beaches. We'd had our fair share of rain in the first week or so of the trip!

And played 'shithead' (a silly card game) with a few wines and a few randoms!
These were our drunk "poker faces". Don't ask!
PS notice the bling - I did not travel light!!
A midnight stroll on Noosa beach
 We encountered some wildlife....
There were TWO of these freaky spiders! We fled!!
A snake we encountered on a stroll. Thankfully it was dead!!
This trip was my first hostel experience and I'd not relished the idea!! But it was pretty entertaining.
This dude crashed into bed one night. Then rolled over and fell OFF the bunk beds!! Me and my BFF thought he was hilarious and NUTS!
So I look forward to this trip to Noosa!


  1. Wow, Noosa looks liek absolutely gorgeous place! I hope that you have a safe flight and enjoy your time there :) xx

  2. These pictures are awesome and hilarious. Have a great time and I can't wait to see this trip's pics!

  3. Bon voyage Sadie! Enjoy :-)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  4. looks like youve been having fun

  5. Have fun - it sounds like you did last time!

    Style by Joanne

  6. Ooh it looks like such a beautiful, fun place! I hope you guys have a fabulous trip! :)

    sorelle in style

  7. Have fun sadie! Im jealous xx


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