Thursday, 17 May 2012

Polishing my silver

Hey all, yay for FRIDAYS! 

This week I wore some of my silver rings for a change. Then when I looked at them (whilst out) I was shocked at how grubby they looked. I used to wear silver jewellery all the time, but nowadays I tend to opt for costume jewellery and so have neglected my tarnished silver bling.
So I sat down and polished some of my favourite pieces. And it was actually very therapeutic!
Whilst 'polishing my silver' it made me remember the little stories behind a lot of the pieces (rings in particular) and then it made me sad that I don't wear them often anymore. 

I'm so enthralled (like a magpie!) by my new costume jewellery that I forget about the memories behind my more expensive pieces. 

But I guess they'll still be around when the costume jewellery is dead and buried... :)
I call this guy Nelson, after the town in which I bought him. He's by a very talented NZ jeweller, Jewels Vine. His feet and wings move!
I bought this silver charm ring in the Mumbles, Wales, whilst shopping with my youngest sister. It was in the weeks before I was moving to NZ and the last day shopping we spent together before the big move.
These are some of my favourite rings: a Christmas gift from an ex (NO sentimental value! I just love the ring (I chose it!), a HUGE silver and amethyst ring by a NZ designer, and a little ring I picked up in a market in Abergavenny years ago.
My silver ball earrings, bought in Bath.
More favourites. Bottom left is a gift from another ex, and bottom right was a birthday present from my parents shortly before I moved to NZ (by a Welsh jeweller).
More silver rings - bought in Antibes (France), Wales, Croatia and the Bahamas. I like to buy jewellery on my travels it seems!

I had a thing for butterfly rings for a while!
Left: gift from my sister Alice before I moved to NZ; middle, gift from an ex for my university graduation; right, bought in Croatia - its wings flutter :)

I have small hands but wear huge rings - hmm!?!?


And last but not least, my favourite of all, my Tiffany charm bracelets with charms bought from Tiffany stores on my travels <3
Does your jewellery tell a story?


  1. You sure have some lovely jewellery - there was I time I loved to wear silver rings too. Now to be honest I can't remeber where half of them are - maybe mum & dads? Blimey. I do love to collect jewellery on my travels too, even if its just costume jewellery;)

  2. You have some lovely rings, but it's the Tiffany bracelet all the way for me!
    BTW M&S have some pink flamingo outside dining stuff & I thought of you!!! Just wanted to let you know as you may want to check it out on their website.
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  3. Sadie you have some gorgeous rings!! And I love the owl necklace!! xx

  4. lovely jewellery!!!


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