Sunday, 13 May 2012

Afternoon Tea

Hi all, happy Monday! Today I AM happy even though it's Monday again - I have had my third cold since January, and after spending the weekend feeling crappy and ill, today I am back in work but feeling much better! So that's worth a smile!

It gets me down that I constantly seem to be ill, so I am going to go to the doctor next time I'm in Wales (it's free there - here in NZ it costs a LOT) and get checked out.

Yesterday the bf and I hosted an 'afternoon tea' for our landlords and our new neighbours. As I had a cold, the bf did all of the cooking and culinary preparation - I just made things look pretty and tidied up before and afterwards (something I had to remind him about when he laughed at my suggestion that I'd helped! How rude!!) :)

The bf made mini spinach quiches

And these 'triple decker' (his words!) finger sandwiches. I added the skewers - they were actually very useful!

My contributions were shop bought Red Velvet cupcakes. No one ate them and opted for the bf's handmade lemon cupcakes instead!! LOL.
I used the fancy dessert forks my mum bought me for Christmas..."you're the only person I know who would use dessert forks" she said. True that! :)
I also used my fun napkins. Does anyone else hate using fancy napkins as they don't want to waste them!? Well I do. But I used them anyway.

And I was very happy to bring out part of my teacup collection for the occasion - these were all bought here in NZ, mainly from one particular antique shop which I LOVE.
This one isn't actually antique, but it looks the part anyway :)

This is the first teacup I bought in NZ - and I think it's Japanese.
The bf bought me this one for Christmas two years ago. I smashed the plate on the return trip from Christchurch (where we'd spent Christmas) but found a matching one at my trusty antique shop!
I think I bought this one because I was having an afternoon tea party a year or so ago, and needed extra cups.

Same with this one.
This is one of my favourites as it's unusual. Even though it's cracked slightly and the plate doesn't match the saucer.

And this one was gifted to me yesterday by my landlord! SO thoughtful! And I absolutely love it :)
Do you ever use a teacup and saucer?
Lady Gaga style!?


  1. lol I dont drink tea so no I dont use a tea cup and saucer lady gaga style....I have put purple in my hair like her though :P Stupid NZ Post Mum didnt even get her card before Mothers day :(

  2. What a yummy spread Sadie. Your BF is very handy in the kitchen it seems!! Glad you're getting over your cold now :)
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  3. So your BF cook??? Lucky you!! You have ana amzing teacup collection. Mine is full of spiderwebs since I am not using it a lot lol!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Wow - how civilised, I really want to throw a tea party now! Everything looks so delicious!

  5. very cute!! i think imma drink tea gaga style :)
    MOSAMUSE <--new site!

  6. The spinach quiche and cupcakes look so yummy right now. I'm so hungry just staring at these pics!

    Hope you feel better and gear up for the week. :)

  7. wow you have so many and they're all so pretty! glad you had a great time hope you feel better!

    City Style
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  8. Nice post. For a bit of light relief, you might enjoy this Cartoon

  9. Your afternoon tea looks so cute!

    Sorry to hear you had another cold.. ):

    Style by Joanne

  10. it looks awesome :)i love your teacup collection *-*...
    ps: follow each other? love kiki

  11. glad your feeling better :) The food looks amazing! :) and i really want to drink out of a tea cup gaga style :D


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