Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mighty Mighty Market Deux

Hey all! How was your weekend? Mine was massively busy and today (Monday) in work I just about felt like my eyelids were on my desk ALL day! I am too old for all of this! 
A snap of one of the posters - they are so funky!!

So I did my second ever Mighty Mighty Market. As I showed you before, it's such a cool, funky bar and the market sells a lot of amazing vintage finds and handmade jewellery. I even broke my 'no spend' rule and bought a SICK scarf - I will show you it when it's out of the wash basket :)

I'd designed some new pieces for the market and was SO HAPPY with the feedback I received. Good times! Even with a hangover (eek!!).

Some of the noobs - new chain bracelets with heavy chain, daisy rings, rose rings...
More noobs - daisy studs and flower hair clips
Always best sellers!

MORE new designs - can you spot the skull ones?? I love my new skull beads!

I took advice from the extremely lovely and incredibly hilarious La Sophia, and had my earrings 'hanging up' this time!

Here's a little collage of some of the new designs...
There are more pics on my Facebook page, as well as a 48 HOUR COMPETITION to win a pair of rosebud earrings!!
You could win a pair of these beauts! :)
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Your stuff is looking ever so professional! I will have to make it along and see you at the markets soonxoxo

  2. I love all the new pieces! The skulls are super awesome, prob my new fave!


  3. how adorable! looks like a lot of fun x

  4. Loving the new designs Sadie - the skulls are defo my faves!! Hope you sold lots & lots hun & thanks for your sweet comment xoxo

  5. The skull bracelets are awesome <3 xx

  6. I am glad you had great market experience! Off to check out this contest...

    --Jaclyn T
    Nature Inspired Jewellery

  7. Jus found your lovely blog! Looks like a fun weekend you had there!

  8. bah! I love your set up! So fresh and so clean clean. I really wanna do my craft fairs again! Now I'll have more time. You know what I did this weekend. Sooo sad, but thanks for the love Sadie. Its means a lot, always.

    p.s. my first craft fair I made no money but spent a ton on the lady next to me selling oils and herbs. damn her.

  9. Nice stuff!

  10. OMG, your new pieces are FANTASTIC! I love the skulls! You are so talented!
    HUGS ~AJ

  11. your jewelry looks amazing! so pretty and colorful :)


    Fashion Fractions

  12. everything looks so awesome. i hope you're selling a ton of them. can i just say that i wear the bracelet i won all the time. i really love it!

  13. love all your pieces the stand looks great! really wish i wasn't broke i need to buy some of your stuff!

  14. Goodness, this market looks like far too much fun! I think it shows amazing self-control that you only bought one thing, I would have been scooping up earrings and necklaces left, right and centre :)

  15. LOVING your jewellery, just found your blog via British Style Bloggers! My faves are the skull bead bracelets, cameo necklaces and chain bracelets. Oh and the Russian doll bracelet too...! I can see myself wearing your stuff on my blog (roll on pay day)! Well done for taking up an opportunity to make a new life down under, I admire you :)

    Do look at my blog if you get a chance, would you like to follow each other?

    Catherine x

  16. Your creations are just lovely! And I really like how you arranged the display, the outdoor picnic vibe is so warm and welcoming! x

  17. That looks SO fun!
    Love the roses :)


  18. Tons and tons of cute stuff! I love it! :)


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