Sunday, 9 October 2011

Week of crazies 1: NZ is rugby mad!

Hi all - OMG what a week! I can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged and I am SORRY!! Last week was as crazy as the week before, and so I am going to split things up into small 'crazy' chunks!

The worst thing is that amongst all the busy-ness I managed to come down with the cold that colleagues at work have had, and so I've been feeling like BLEEP and not sleeping well either. Pah!
I papped these crazy fools as I drove past them in my taxi on the way to the stadium! I love the crazy costumes people wear!
So - WALES made it through to the Rugby World Cup semi-finals!! Whoop! As I have told you before, I normally hate sport, it bores me. But with it happening in our own back yard, it's been hard not to feel patriotic when you see a Welsh flag flying! And so last weekend the bf took me to see Tonga v France in the stadium. It was good fun but I didn't care who won, so I was a bit like 'whatever'. He promised me then that if Wales got through to the quarter finals in Wellington he'd take me - and what do you know, he had to cough up 800 bucks for tickets this Saturday!!!
Yes that's my granny hand!! :)
VERY WINDY! Nearly lost me flag!
A grey Wellington day! And look at the cruise ship docked just next to the stadium! Amazing!
My massive sign. That took a LOT of colouring in!
A sea of green rugby fans!! We Welsh were in the minority!
This Irishman was HILARIOUS! He looked like an evil leprechaun and kept trying to work the crowd up. When he shouted 'Ireland' to make the crowd chant, I shouted "WALES" back at him. He wasn't happy! Better watch my back...
The stadium was mainly full of Irish fans, and I felt quite in the minority! I had also spent 90 minutes that afternoon colouring in two signs in the hope of getting on camera so that my friends and family could see me in Wales. Alas, despite bopping people on the head (including myself!!) because of the Wellington wind, there was no shot of me and my mahoosive sign on tv. Nevermind! 

Do you follow sport?


  1. Whoaaaaa. I would love to go to a rugby match sometime. We don't have rugby in the States.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. It looks like it was super cold that day! Even though I am not big on sports, I have always wanted to attend a rugby match.. Lucky!

    Love! ~Angel

  3. some of the photos are so funny :)!

  4. ha looks like you had a good time!! Be interesting to see who wins in the semis....xx

  5. No I don't follow sports anymore but I had a lot of fun reading this post and looking at the pictures! I especially laughed my guts out with the first one! Those guys are too cool!

  6. We are so rugby mad...managed to miss all the craziness being in Napier this weekend. Should have rented out our flat for the weekend - could have made a small fortune;)

  7. cute photos looks like it was super windy! if only you made it to tv would have been adorable! i'm really not that into sports but i can get more involved when it's a country my parents are from! thanks so much for the lovely comment!

  8. Well hello my bracelet twin. Don't feel bad for your blogging absence, we all have them. The most important part is coming back! Cute signs! You are such a sweet girl to show your parents all that love ha. Be careful out there! Don't get too crazy!

  9. i dont follow sports, but i should, looks like you had a lot of fun!

  10. oh my gosh so exciting! i don't follow sport except when it comes to world cup time, then i'm very patriotic if we do well :-) x

  11. I follow rugby quite a lot mainly due to the boyfriend. I am quite pleased Wales won against Ireland! Sorry you're feeling bad, I hope you start to feel better soon :).


  12. i haven't been sleeping too well either!

    anyway, looks like you had pretty good seats for the rugby match. would like to see it up close one day myself--no one plays it much here.

  13. Oh it looks like you had SO much fun! Unlike England >:( you have a great chance of winning - I'll be cheering on Wales again for you!!!

    (Thanks for letting me know my jewellery's been posted btw, I'll be in touch!)

    Catherine x

  14. I dont follow sport that much.. but god, that match looked so funny and amazing :)


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