Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!

BOO! Happy Halloween! My weekend was busy busy busy - what did you get up to?

I had a Halloween BBQ at my house on Friday's a couple of pics....
Pumpkin gore cupcakes!
Halloween cupcakes
Poison bee cupcakes
Devilled Eggs!
My DIY banners!
More of the decos...

I ended up drinking FAR TOO MUCH wine and had a stinking headache on Saturday. And then had to dress up and perk myself up for my friend's Halloween house party!
Some of my friends. (All English!)
Me and the bf (this was the costume I had planned for the vintage dress!)

I found myself a Day of the Dead husband!! :)
Dan made his costume himself! I was VERY impressed!

I almost didn't want to wash this off afterwards! ;)
What have your Halloween plans involved?


  1. Whoa looks like an awesome party! Did you do that makeup yourself? I wouldnt know where to start! Sounds like a fun weekend tho mine was the opposite really, a cruisy relaxed weekend lol. and yes I have started packing haha got to be prepared! xx

  2. you look cool.
    Happy Halloween

  3. you made all those cupcakes? they look so cute

    and i love your makeups too. very cool

  4. We are not celebrating halloween that much in Italy, so i am enjoying your pictures a lot!! And Your make up is perfect!!! I love it!

  5. omg Sadie the decorations are so cool!
    happy halloween

  6. Wow Sadie! Your make up is totes AMAZING!!!! I love your homemade decs & the faces on the scary pumpkin cakes are fab!! Happy Halloween hun xoxo

  7. Love your make up Sadie! Way too cool!
    Hope you had an awesome party!


  8. Food looks amazing!!
    Abi- xxx

  9. I have no plans for Halloween :(. I love looking at the pictures of yours though, your face paid is great and the view from your house is amazing! I love the pumpkin cupcakes too.


  10. Love it, the decor and food look so cute and totally delicious! Love the fact that guests made effort as well! Happy Halloween dear! xx

  11. i love your costume! goes so amazing with the dress!! my sister was a sugar skull too! everyone looks great!

  12. Your make up is amazing! I love the effort that everyone went to, and I'm especially fond of the Ronald McDonald lookalike! Your cupcakes turned out great! Our Halloween party we had been invited to got cancelled booo so it was a bit of a non event here!

  13. You looked very pretty for a dead woman. Like the use of blue. Cool ass bird pajamas. I need to get a bird soon. Used to have them when I was little and wouldn't clip their wings and they'd fly all over the house and land on my grandmas head! Sooo funny. Was the only pet I could have besides fish cause of my allergies.


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