Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Can you tell what it is?

Hi all! How's your week going? I have had another busy week so far. Last night I received two deliveries of clothing for the Sweet F.A. fashion auction I am organising. I had a quick look through the first delivery and there are Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs and Moschino shoes (all too big sadly), Sass & Bide jeans, a World blazer AND an amazing Lanvin for H&M dress that I may have my beady eye on! Yay! So the event organisation is going well. 

What are your Halloween plans? We have friends visiting from Sydney this weekend and so the bf and I are having a Halloween themed bbq on Friday night. I've made some quick DIY decorations and am going to dash out later when I have a spare hour to see if I can find some more cheapies. I also want to make some Halloween theme (EASY!!) cupcakes - PLEASE, DO YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION?? :)

On Saturday night we are all going to a Halloween party at a friend's house. Last year I went as a clown (I will post pics tomorrow!) and this year I felt I had left it too late to get a good (cheap and easy!) costume with everything that's been going on. BUT yesterday I rushed out of work at 4pm and found THIS fabulously sick dress in a charity shop for $10! WOW! OK, it doesn't actually do up at the back (it's very narrow) but I'm hoping to DIY a solution to that - I just loved the sleeves! 

SO - can  you guess what my costume is going to be??? :)
Excuse the floor - I took these photos in work! The dress is also still damp, I hand washed it last night as it smelt like grannies, but it STILL smells! Gross!

Are you dressing up for Halloween??


  1. I think I will be a cat...something approachable and non-frightening for my nieces. That auction sounds fun! Are you going as Carmen Miranda?

    --Jaclyn T
    TrickArt Jewellery: Nature Inspired

  2. That dress is AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it!! They had some eye ball lollies at the warehouse - you could make some cupcakes and sick eye balls on the top?

  3. I cannot wait to see you in that dress Sadie - those sleeves are something else!!!! Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead - enjoy hun !!

  4. Im guessing an 80's theme? Im not really doing anything for Halloween, work is getting into it but im too busy getting excited about my holiday next week to be arsed finding a costume! x

  5. If you want some halloween ideas there are tons here
    Just pick which ones you like the look of the best! Have fun with the BBQ!

  6. I'm not sure what I'm dressing up as, maybe my own self is scary enough :P! I can't guess what you're going to be though, I'm not too hot on halloween costumes :P!


  7. it certainly sounds like the fashion auction is going well. i want that lanvin dress!

    your halloween dress is super cute--it does look a bit like an 80s theme. i'm going as Sally from the Nightmare B4 Christmas.

  8. I love Halloween! I´m not dressing up this year but I so wish I was!!


  9. sounds like you've been busy and will have another busy weekend! hope it all goes well and as planned! love the dress so cute i'm not sure what you would be but you're so creative so i can't wait to see!

  10. Hehe cute dress! I hate when vintage smells though! :(
    You're going to look super cute!


  11. Hmm I couldn't guess what your costume is! What was it? I went as a Taj Mahal girl
    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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