Monday, 31 October 2011

I won something on Twitter! :)

Happy Halloween to those of you who are in a later timezone than me! Here it's already 1st November and I've sadly taken down most of my decorations already. I loved looking at all of your costumes and photos - great fun.

Last week I won a Twitter competition by Air New Zealand. I won a t-shirt by Huffer (an NZ designer). It's not my usual style but it'll come in handy for the gym - can't look a gift horse in the mouth after all! Air NZ are a really 'cool' airline and in the five times the bf and I have flown back to the UK, we've chosen to fly with them. They have a Twitter account called "AirNZFairy" and the fairy runs competitions and offers, it's a great social media tool. The fairy sent me my prize!

Cute bag it arrived in!

This is the Air NZ logo in smiley faces!
The card is in the shape of an airplane thingamajig! And was filled with gold hearts!
Have you ever won anything via Twitter? :)

P.S. If you're also on Twitter, find me! @sadiesadiesadie


  1. Awesome win hun! I won me some Cider off twitter recently I was SUPER stoked hehe. I follow airnzfairy....pretty keen for something this weekend since we are flying air NZ to Aussie haha :P P.S. Only one person knocked at the door and I hid because i didnt have anything to give them - much easier lol xx

  2. Nice work Sadie - I don't use twitter, I keep meaning too. Set up an account and all, just doesn't seem to happen!

  3. Hey Sadie! Congrats on your win hun! I love the cute little bag the t shirt arrived in. It's always sad taking the decs down - why does it all look so bare too!!!!! Here's to a great November xoxo

  4. Congratulations on winning, I love the smiley face design :). I've never been fortunate to win anything on twitter though!


  5. Yay and congrats! I just found out I won something too and I am in heaven...LOL...Never won anything in my life...LOL

  6. wow, this is amazing,congrats!! i've never ever won anything, haha!!


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