Thursday, 24 November 2011

Toast Martinborough

Last Sunday some friends and I went to the annual Toast Martinborough wine and music festival held over in the Wairarapa. This was my second trip to Toast and I was still amazed by the crowds that attend.
Tickets sell out in less than two minutes every year and some people dress up as though they are going to the races - it's all about the sunshine, wine, food and music. The events are split up amongst around 10 different vineyards and you wander around enjoying the atmosphere.

This year I DROVE! Yes you may wonder WHAT THE HECK was I doing driving to a wine festival!!

My reasons were:
A) I'd spent all day Saturday feeling rubbish after being wasted on Friday night at the Hall of Fame dinner.
B) I hadn't booked a coach ticket and I couldn't be arsed to faff around and having to be at a certain bus stop at a certain time.
C) I figured it also saved calories!
D) Well I could still enjoy the sun and music!

Here's a couple of pics from the day:

Me and my friend Rachel. I don't like this pic of me, my arm looks weird!!

Check out the crowds!

These babies stayed on for a few ours. Then I put on the Havianas!

We watched Ladi6 here - but the crowds were too much and the queues at the bar were ridiculous so we moved on after a while!

Diet Coke cheers!!

Gotta love sunny spring days :)


  1. What lovely sunny days you are having. I spent three hours shovelling about 30 cm of snow from our huge driveway. Jealous? Me? Why, YES!

    Your dress is so cute!

    --Jaclyn T
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  2. This looks such a fun day out, I mean who wouldn't love drinking wine all day!!!!! So wish we had some sunshine, starting to miss it already. And you look fab Sadie. Happy weekend xoxo

  3. Oh my!! What a great a great event!!! ANd You drove?? It looks pretty sunny and hot over there...we are freezing here!!!

  4. Looks like a great day, theres a wine and food destival here next Saturday I'd be keen to check out but not sure my mates would be lol xx

  5. you look great! seems like a lot of fun and so many people!

  6. oooh you're making me miss home! who woulda thought you'd get amazing weather like that in the wairarapa so early ! haha ;) looks like fun! :)

    B xx

  7. looks like a lot of fun...i would totally go to something like this. lovely dress as well!


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