Thursday, 10 November 2011

What I wore: New red jacket!!

Hi all, I wore this outfit to dinner last week with the bf. With how busy we both are lately I feel as though we haven't seen each other, so it was nice to go out for a spontaneous dinner. (It was also useful because we ate at The Tasting Rooms which are sponsoring my event, so I dropped some posters off at the same time. Multi-tasking all the way!)
Jacket, Glassons, Tunic, TK Maxx, Leggings, Glassons.
Earrings, Diva.

Watch, Michael Kors, Ring, Topshop, Bangle, Primark.
Nail varnish, OPI

Bag, TK Maxx, Shoes, Next

Close up of the hair 'do' - I'd plaited the front of it :)

Well this morning I have already received around 15 emails from women wanting to submit clothing into the auction next Weds. The deadline was two days ago but the event was picked up on a really popular Wellington 'what's on' newsletter so word has spread like wildfire. O.M.G! I have had very little sleep already this week and can't believe how busy I let myself get! My friends and I are all heading away for the weekend straight from work, (most of us are catching the train too!) - one of us is driving a car load of the clothes down so that we can sort and tag them this weekend. Busy times. Just 5 days till the big night though!!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. My hair is styled like that RIGHT NOW! Funny...

    --Jaclyn T
    TrickArt Jewellery: Nature Inspired

  2. That outfit is slick. I'd like to recreate it on my own time. Very inspiring. Thanks Sadie.

  3. You look gorgeous Lady in Red!!!! We're out to dinner tonight as like you with busy lives sometimes you feel like you need to catch up. Sounds like your event is really hotting up!! Have a fab weekend xoxo

  4. Cute pink jacket! suits you muchly!


  5. You always look so pretty! Im glad your jewelry is getting picked up since I saw that a few days ago! How did that event go by the way? Love the color of the jacket!

    All the best, ~Angel

  6. I love that wee jacket - you are such a legend for planning Big FA, I really wish I had your energy!

  7. you look amazing love the entire outfit! that blazer looks great! really hope the event turns out awesome!

  8. You look great!! I love your jacket!!


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