Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New in!

Hi all! I came home from work yesterday and was OVERJOYED to find a surprise parcel awaiting me! One of my best friends had sent me a little gift from the UK...
How cute is this box?

And the label!

OMG this is amaaaazing!!! I love it! She knows me so well!
It's really funny because another friend sent me this necklace from the UK last month....well I think it's obvious I love a nice cup of tea eh!? Not as much as I love my wonderful friends!! :)
This week there's a huge import sale on in town. I made sure I ran out of work at 10am yesterday to get there on its first morning! I scrabbled around for cash to pay the parking meter (I never have cash!) and could only park for 20mins so made a mad dash around the sale. This is my haul...

My favourite perfume - G of the Sea. Couldn't get it for hide nor hair the last few months so I ordered two bottles to my address in the UK for my trip home. Now I have two more here!! And I also bought Harajuku Lovers in 'Baby'. They were $60 instead of $100.

I bought three OPI colours - two potentially as gifts for my sisters when I go home (the gold one is MINE though!).
They were just $12 each.
Mascaras....(they can be SO expensive here so I bulk bought!)

Another mascara and some black eyeliners....
And a couple of other bits and bobs.
 Now I just need to find somewhere to store them all!

I also totally splurged on a nightie and pair of trousers on Sunday. Australian designer Peter Alexander does THE most amazing sleepwear. The store always smells amazing too because they light these gorgeous candles -  I've come close to buying a $60 candle on a few occasions!! Help!

I paid $60 for a cotton nightie. Am I mad? Probably. But I do love birds.

And coughed up $60 bucks for these trousers. Also a sign of madness.
But with packaging like this, how can a girl resist?!

Do you have any favourite beauty products you bulk buy?


  1. WTF!? I have nevr seen G of the sea. I have all those harajuku lover perfumes, but the G of the sea? Does it smell differently than G? I should have tweeted u this ha. I'm mad for mermaids!

  2. How cute is that packaging!? Love the ring. Great colors on the nail polish
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. I love the nightie you bought, and I swear I have the same necklaces in my jewellery bag, and I love your ring (teapots are just too cute for accessories!)



  4. Love all your new purchases, especially the nightie! Too cute and soooo you!
    That tea cup ring is super gorgeous too! <3


  5. The teacup ring is just toooo cute Sadie & I love your sparkly gold nail polish - can't wait to see it on. I don't really bulk buy beauty products, but do always go mad at Duty Free when I'm travelling!!!!

  6. CUTE ring! I LOVE G of the SEA!

    Bulk beauty products? Do soap and deodorant count?
    --Jaclyn T
    TrickArt Jewellery: Nature Inspired

  7. Love the gifts and you bought a lot of stuff! Ha.. although I dont think 20 minutes is enough time to do any kind of shopping..

    Love! ~Angel

  8. Never heard of this G of the sea....I do love the ring tho so cute! Peronally I would never spend that much on pj's but Im a tightarse lol they do look super cute and comfy tho! xx

  9. Awesome! that sale sounds great! I love Gwen's perfume too and have bought every edition she's ever done! I was in Superdrug earlier and even saw they've brought out little Christmas edition ones of Gwen dressed up in a Santa Suit as the lid...I'm defo putting that on my Christmas list! Guess what, I just randomly came across a box of 30 slabs of Whittakers coconut chocolate (like you got me before)on ebay so I bid on it and I won the whole thing for £7, what a bargain! I cannot wait to indulge!! x

  10. OMG such a cute ring. Love the necklace too. I wish I bought more things for myself. Unfortunately its been about three months since I bought anything for me. Maybe I will get a chance after the holidays.
    The sleepwear is ADORABLE!

  11. How cute is that ring your friend sent!? Adorable!!!!

    Fashion Translated

  12. wow really great stuff love the jewelry and the nail polishes!!



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