Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What I wore: Bright Blue!

Hey all, thanks for your supportive comments about my jewellery. I dropped off an order to the White Room Gallery (who are stocking my jewellery) today and came back with another order for five more pieces AND a job offer of looking after their social media! I won't have time to sleep soon, but when people are offering you money, you can't be turning it down, right!?

This is something I wore to work (and then to the Mighty Mighty Market - see here) last week. I bought the shirt from Recycle Boutique for about $18 and it is originally from Sussan. I love shirts and I loved the colour so I was pretty happy :)

Shirt, Sussan via Recycle Boutique
Leggings, Glassons
Shoes, Primark
Sunglasses, gift from bf

Ring, Shh By Sadie
Watch, Micheal Kors
Bracelets, Shh By Sadie

Wooden necklace, Asda.

Shoes, Primark. My favourite colour! And don't my feet like teensy!!

Close up of my earrings.
My mirror isn't dirty, honest! It's just a VERY old mirror and has started deteriorating.


  1. Wow Sadie, Bright blue is such a pretty color on you and I like this look because it looks so comfy. The white watch is so chic too. Definitely can't be turning down the $$ . hehe. Nice post!

    Thanks for your sweet comment

  2. Morning hun! Turquoise really suits you! Great oversized shirt & I totally adore how you've styled it. Well done for getting the job, I honestly don't know how you fit it all in!!!!!

  3. Yah! I love colour too:D I also love that necklace you're wearing:D Congrats on all your artistic success lately, I really admire your drive to get your work out there xoxox

  4. love the color of your top. Anyway, please join my $50.00 shopbop giveaway

  5. You look gorgeous, I love the colour of your shirt! Congratulations on the job offer and the fact that they ordered more pieces! Love your shoes.



  6. looks great and congratulations on the new job.

  7. you look great! it's awesome that you sold your jewelry and got a job offer too. i'm so happy for you! <3

  8. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!


  9. Hi Sadie, congratulations on your work of both your jewellery and your job offer:)

    This is really a nice shirt and the colour really suits you, together with the necklace, it's cute!!


  10. Congrats!!!!!
    It's coll to match the ring with the shoes. I might copy this one!!!

  11. this is one of my favourite colours and it looks fab paired with peachy / coral!! ;-)

  12. great outfit love the color combo of the top with the shoes! congrats on the jewelry and the job offer!! things are going great for you!



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