Monday, 23 January 2012

Back from Mauritius!

Hi all, I am back from my holidays! And I miss the sunshine already!
We stayed at the Sands Resort and Spa, it was AMAZING. Canapes and rum are brought to your room every day at 6pm, and iced drinks are brought around the pool and beach in the morning and afternoon to refresh you whilst you sunbathe. I've never had that sort of service before, even in Fiji!

Here are a few photos of the first few days of the holiday....

Leaving Heathrow

I'm pretty obsessed with my new ring!!And had gone back to my summer turquoise shade of nail polish.

Coming into land after the 12 hour flight...

Gorgeous bed display - with NO ants!  :)
The bf happy to have arrived!! ;)

Large dressing room - soon put to good use with all of my new clothes!

A peek of the canapes - yum!!
 Do you feel sad at the end of holidays? Or do you look forward to coming home? :)

PS I am a huge (new) fan of Instagram - do you use it? If so, let me know so I can follow you!


  1. Your holiday looks great, so jealous :) I am usually sad at the end of a holiday but I like my home comforts so I am glad to be back (eventually!) I really ned to plan a nice holiday, it has been ages since I've been away.

  2. that looks totally luxurious. now I can't wait for summer to come. jealous too


  3. OMG! It looks beautiful, love the bed so sweet! I'm always sad when I get back from holiday and normally feel like I need another holiday just to recover from the holiday haha! I use instagram all the time my name is @charlichar :) xxx

  4. Mauritius looks gorgeous, I know a blogger who is having her honeymoon there! :) Your room looks amazing too, and your boyfriend's pose made me laugh :). I'm usually a bit sad after coming home from holiday because it's then 'back to reality', but I sometimes do some online shopping to perk up, or just see friends as soon as I get back :) xo

  5. Your room & especially bathroom looks amazing! I'm always sad to come home at the end of a holiday...I never want them to end!!!!

  6. looks so amazing! so jealous! glad you had a great time!

  7. I wish I had escaped this winter weather for a tropical paradise. That's the best idea I've heard all year.

  8. Cool, yeah I know Flic en Flac. We stayed at Belle Mare Plage which is the opposite side of the island to you guys but yeah we've never experienced hospitality quite like we did there - we loved being brought drinks and food to our beach loungers too! and we got all free water sports at our hotel which was pretty awesome. We got horrendously sunburnt the first day we arrived though and had to rebook our massages at the spa for the following week to let the burn calm down!! Good luck getting your book to NZ - maybe you should take it as hand luggage so it doesn't use up your weight allowance! I definitely always feel sad at the end of a holiday!

  9. Mauritius looks amazing. Still so jealous that you have been to so many places in the last year! :p
    Love the photos, post some more up if you can!


  10. looks amazing! makes me want to go on holiday now x


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