Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy Mr B-day!

Hello and happy new year! Today is also happy birthday to the bf! I have renamed it Mr B-day in honour of him, haha.

Mr B :)
The weather is DIRE here and he's had to go to Bristol for work this morning and I've been awake most of the night with a darned sore throat (boo). However, we are slipping off to the fancy hotel in Newport later for a swim, spa, dinner and a night at the lodge. So I hope he enjoys his birthday! It was also my sister's birthday on December 29th - I feel sorry for them both having birthdays so close to Christmas and the new year, but they must still make the most of them eh!! :)

PS I am also having a week's "January sale" with 25% off at my Etsy store using the code "January"! :)


  1. Happy New Year Sadie! And happy Birthday Mr. B, he look really please d while sipping his drink|||

  2. Feel better and happy day to your BF! I'm looking forward to 2012 so much!
    –Jaclyn T
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  3. Happy New Year Sadie, hope you have a fab time at the hotel ;) xx


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