Thursday, 5 January 2012

Keeping Cosy at the Celtic!

Hello all! 

The bf and I enjoyed our day at the Celtic Manor - a posh golf/leisure resort 5 mins from my parents' house. The Ryder Cup was held there in 2011 and many celebs stay there when they are in the area.

Anyway, as I was feeling under the weather I chucked on this very shapeless (but cosy!!) jumper for our afternoon there. I didn't get any pics of my evening outfit which is extremely lame!! Boo! Nevermind.
Jumper, Primark.

My new Christmas leather boots, from my lovely Mummy :)

I added a touch of OPI glitter to my nails!

Ring, H&M (current season)

Earrings, Primark
My new nude lippy from Mac - I forget which shade sorry!

Cheeky 'don't ask' candles!! Hahaha.

Bday boy with some of his pressies :)

A selection of the desserts! YUM!
I'm still under the weather but have been on a dress-hunting mission! I needed two dresses for the two beach weddings in Mauritius next week and today think I finally got them sorted!Now for the accessories! ;)
How is your week? :)


  1. You look so cosy in that jumper! Sorry you're still not well Sadie. Bet you can't wait to escape from this British weather!!! I went to Mauritius a few years back, such a lovely island & they speak French. I was in my element!!

  2. That jersey looks so comfy and what a spoilt bf! Hope you feel better soon xx

  3. You look so pretty! And I really love the colors of your outfit..the sock and boots combination is adorable too :)

  4. cute outfit love the boots and happy belated birthday to the bf!

  5. Fab photos and looks like you both had fun ! Following you with Bloglovin !


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