Monday, 9 January 2012

What I wore: silver sparkles

Hello all! How was your weekend? I am getting over my cold at last - yay! And only one day left till I go to Mauritius! Double yay!

On Friday I'd promised my sister that I would go for a quiet drink with her, and despite my whinging and stinking cold all day, she held me to my promise! We had a great laugh though and after a 20 minute walk along what I can only describe as a slippery wet country HILL road, in massive platforms, and no lights - with a mist covered paddock next to us, we crashed a party at a cottage that our Mum and Auntie had attended. A bit random!

Here's what I wore (these photos look a terrible quality - sorry :( )

Skirt, H&M (NEW!); top, Tempt; Jacket, Primark; tights, Primark; Shoes, Number One Shoes

Headband, Alannah Hill; earrings (just seen) Shh By Sadie

Charm bracelet, Tiffany & Co; Cuff - stolen from my sister!; Black ring, Topshop; Silver ring, gift.
 I normally wear gold toned jewellery so it was nice to change to silver for the evening - do you normally wear gold or silver jewellery?


  1. great outfit love the skirt looks amazing on you! at least you had fun!

  2. What a fun party outfit! You combined some great textures and patterns and they all worked together beautifully! I usually wear silver jewelry myself but have been trying to mix it up a bit for the new year.

  3. you look pretty :)

  4. it's a great outfit, love the silver skirt and that headband is amazing!!!

  5. Love the sparkly skirt hun! I prefer silver jewellery....I dont think I coudl pull off gold! xx

  6. Very fun! I love the leopard and sparkles.

  7. You are freaking hilarious! hahahaha. The images you gave me made me laugh. Glad you came out without a broken ankle. Very cute fit.

  8. Oh wow, I love your hair !!

  9. Wow - that headband's amazing!!

    Katy xx


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