Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Swimming with WHALES!

Hi all, so on the first Saturday in Mauritius a bunch of us went on a whale and dolphin safari. We all went out to sea in a speed boat and managed to swim with wild dolphins. Well, when I say swim 'with' dolphins, we kind of saw them under the water as they were swimming around...they weren't like flipper and floundering around next to us!

Beautiful harbour views
Some of us ready to swim with the dolphins

My first ever fishtail on myself!! <3

First glimpse of a sperm whale!!
Then we went out to sea to 'track' sperm whales. I didn't think we'd find any, but we found more than a DOZEN! I was ASTOUNDED! They were amazing, so huge and we got super close to them!!! The guide asked us if we wanted to snorkel by them - a chance in a lifetime he said! So three of the boys on the boat jumped in with the guide and snorkelled up to a whale and the whale dove underneath them, it was incredible. I kind of wished I'd done it, and said so. Little did I know that there were plenty of other whales around, so the guide found two breathing on the top of the sea, and handed me a snorkel!
The boys (including my bf!) RIGHT NEXT to the whale! OMG!
Dolphins <3

Me with a whale behind me!
We jumped into the ocean and the two whales swam right underneath us - WOW!!! It was all over SO quickly but definitely a once in a lifetime experience and I was proud of myself for being the only girl in the group to do it!

Have you ever swam with whales or dolphins?


  1. Wow what an incredible opportunity! Good on you for getting in there :) I've never done either myself but would like to. Yup the aftershocks are insane, no surprise people are moving away :( Think we will go with the house we have been offered, good to know we have one at least! xx

  2. Lovely blog. And yes I have seen whales and dolphins :)

  3. Looks like a great time!


  4. omg i would be so terrified!!!!! kudos to you!!

  5. great pictures! looks like you had a great time!


  6. love it!!!


  7. Wow wow wow Sadie! That is definitely an experience of a lifetime not to be missed. Well done you for doing it, it's something I would jump at doing if I had the chance xoxo

  8. Congratulations on doing it, it's definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, it sounds absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing hte pictures too :) xx

  9. That is great Sadie! Sperm whales are fantastic. There are also places in the world where people swim with humpbacks and it isn't over quite so fast! But any time you spend swimming with whales is good time indeed.

  10. omg congrats i would never be able to do that! I'm scared of large sea animals like whales! great photos!



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