Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chocolate massage + Cakes = Easter

Hi all, thanks for your kind words about my breathing difficulties....this week Monday was still pretty bad, but since then it's been getting a LOT better. So far, today is the first day that *touch wood* I haven't been breathing funny! So hopefully I'm on the mend!

In my attempt to 'relax' (in case my breathing WAS caused by stress) I last night had the MOST AMAZING body treatment - it was an Easter special at Bodyscape spa in town and involved a full body scrub with organic cocoa, moisturising, a massage and a mini pedicure. I smelt good enough to eat afterwards! 
I chose a bright coral for my toes <3
If you ever come across this organic cocoa range - I highly recommend it!
I also organised an Easter themed morning tea for work this morning and baked some quick and simple cupcakes to bring with me...The bf had to buy a whole Mini Eggs Easter egg so that I could decorate them, as we couldn't find Mini Eggs in NZ otherwise! So I'm sure he'll 'dispose' of (read: eat) the rest of the chocolate egg afterwards!

 Here's a peek at some of the morning tea goodies:
Some man-handled ginger bread men!

Poor chap!!
My cupcakes...
Fresh hot cross buns...
Home made cookies...
Some of my colleagues enjoying the morning tea- and J wearing her "Easter bonner" hahaha!
Do you celebrate Easter?


  1. Glad your feeling better Sadie we had plenty of food and chocolate at work today too! xx

  2. So glad you're on the mend Sadie. Your cupcakes are supercute & I love the shot of the poor little gingerbread man!
    Happy Thursday hun xoxo

  3. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. Your spa treatment sounds FABULOUS! Believe it or not I have NEVER been to a spa, no pedicure or manicure either... I know it is so ungirlie of me. LOL!
    Your Easter tea sounds like so much fun. For Easter we usually go to my sisters house been since she just split with her husband of 19 years, I am not sure what we are doing....

  4. I am glad you're feeling better and that beauty treatment sounds amazing - you so deserve it!!

    I wish I had organised an Easter morning tea at my work now xoxox

  5. Nice to hear that your are feeling better now. Really I appreciate this pictures. Thanks for the post, for your great hints and tips.Thank you so much for sharing excellent information. Your website is so cool. I'm impressed by the info that you've on this blog.

  6. love your cupcakes and gingerbread men! glad that you're feeling better and really hope you stay that way!
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  7. I'm so jealous of your easter morning tea... everything looks soso yummy!

  8. I'm Orthodox so our Easter will be later. However, I do enjoy Catholic Easter esp. the eating cupcakes and chocolate part of it :)

    Have a great long weekend!

    ps. I don't like meet either!

  9. have a great easter hun. saw the title to this post and though I must read this! made me so hungry especially those ginger breads!
    XX Ilana

  10. So glad your feeling a little better! Love the colour of polish your chose, we're they spa ritual? Those cupcakes look delish!! :) xx

  11. Such incredible goodies, they look delicious!
    Really glad to hear you're feeling better


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