Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter break, part two!

Hi all, SO glad it's the weekend again - wouldn't it be nice to have three day work weeks all the time?!

Here are the remainder of the pictures of  my weekend in Auckland. We also had a couple of days of sightseeing, drinking and shopping in Wellington but I don't want to overload you with photos so I'll keep it short ;)

We caught the ferry to Waiheke Island - and check out the cruise ship that was moored up in the harbour!
Waiheke is BEAUTIFUL!
We had lunch with my friend who was there over Easter too - this was our view!
I took one of my favourite new Shh pieces with me - coral and pink of course ;)
We dined at the Orbit revolving restaurant again. It was my third time there, and actually the service was the worst we'd encountered. Sad face. :(
This is the glass walkway at the top of the tower....scary!!
Views of the city
Rosy cheeked after dinner, wine and cocktails! Oh and high altitude! ;)
Let's hope this weekend is as fun - what do you have planned?


  1. This place looks gorgeous Sadie & i love the shot of you guys with the rosy cheeks!!
    Yay it's Friday!! Happy weekend hun xoxo

  2. I haven't been to Waiheke Island in the longest time!! I really should go back sometime soon.

  3. Havwnt bene to Waiheke Island before...must do at some stage! Girls night tomorrow night yay! xx

  4. Beautiful pictures, I'm always so jealous of your travels :)

  5. I really love how much traveling you do--it's inspiring. I need to get on a cruise to an island....stat!

  6. impressive seceneries, looks like the carribean i just got back, last pic is my fav, love your glowing skin and pink lip:))

  7. I slept the entire weekend so you had a much nicer time than I. But I agree. Those glass walkways would have freaked me out!

  8. Great pictures, you really had fun :)


  9. I'm so jealous of all the fantastic places you go to, Waiheke looks so amazing! It looks like you had a lovely time, thank you for sharing the photos :) xx

  10. wow Sadie you are talented my dear that little birdy is stunning!
    XX Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  11. Your weekend looks absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how lovely the water at Waineke looks :)
    PS: I have to say, I've been seeing photos of your designs on Instagram and you are a very talented designer, my dear. I'm off to visit Shh By Sadie now!

  12. I have never been there and i am so jealous!! How big is that ferry?????????
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  13. great photos looks like you have had an amazing time!

    City Style
    Harvey Prince Fragrance Giveaway!

  14. How cute are these pictures? I love them



  15. That necklace is gorgeous and I love your pictures. Waiheke does look gorgeous and I'd love to go in the Orbit restaurant, shame about the service you got. xxx

  16. I love Waiheke... so beautiful! Easter weekend was the perfect weather for it too!


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