Monday, 23 April 2012

I've been maimed

Well not exactly. But I went for a haircut on Saturday and came out, four hours later, $300 bucks down, with the WORST hair cut I've ever actually seen. I struggled not to use an expletive there, so please give me credit!

I'm an impatient kinda person, and when I decide I want my hair done, I want it done straight away. For two weeks I'd been trying to get into my usual salon, so instead I went to another popular salon in town called Get Funkd. You can guess what I've now renamed it as.

I went in with a photo of this hair: 
Yeah, I'd take the body too, but that wasn't on offer. Neither was the hair in fact!

And came out with this hair:
It would be funny if it weren't so horrendous!

I spent Sunday in tears. The bf spent Sunday reassuring me it looked good.
I spent Monday morning in work with horrified colleagues exclaiming they'd never seen a haircut like it. My hair was butchered! 

So I have been back to the salon, asked for refund which they are apparently processing today. I also went to my usual salon for an independent opinion and they couldn't believe it. Basically my hair looks like a shoddy, wonky, half hacked, unfinished long bob, with wispy blond straggly bits poking out underneath like cheap extensions!

I am going to my usual salon on Thursday for them to re-colour my blonde 'bits' and blend the 'bob' into the straggly ends - and from then on I will just be waiting months and months for it to grow back.

I will get the bf to take pics of the horror tomorrow. It truly is hard to describe how bad it is, I'm genuinely not being over dramatic! I've never seen anything like it!!

Have you ever had a hair 'mare?!? What did you do?!


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. I once had a haircut where they cut my firnge wonky but apart from that I haven't (apart from patchy hair dye).

    I hope that you get it sorted soon. xx

  2. Oh, Sadie, I am so sorry. There are few things more damaging to a gal's self-esteem than a bad haircut. I had one a few years back - I looked like Eleanor Roosevelt. It was awful.

    I was actually sort of iffy about my current haircut - from some angles it looks suspiciously like a mullet and from other angles, it's okay. I choose to pretend it's okay more often than not.

  3. That sucks! You had BETTER get your refund!

  4. Oh I am so sorry that you have to be going through this. You had such AMAZING hair! I had a similar experience about 4 years ago, I went in wanting a Katie Holmes type bob and ended up with something closer to GI JANE. It was SOOOO short! I like short but not shaved. The lady who cut it said she got distracted because she was having to much fun cutting.... WT...... I spent weeks wearing hats/bandannas and such . Oh the shame!

  5. omg dear hope you are ok! this has happened to me once and it was so horrible! the best part is you can get hair extensions now if it is too bad. I have had hair extensions before (the glue in type) and once you have had them for a few days you get used to them so I highly recommend them
    XX Ilana

  6. Sadie! You poor thing. I totally trust that you are not exagerating. My friend gave me a straight up bowl cut like Trudy from the facts of life. It took over a year to grow out. I told her to my chin and she went to my ear! I still have pics of it back on my blog somewhere. But you have a lovely face, you will survive. Never Get Fu*kd again!

  7. OMG??? How could they make such a mistake???????????? I want to see the pcs sadie maybe it's not that bad??
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  9. Omg... GOOD ON YOU for asking for a refund. It can be a hard thing to do! I haven't had a truly horrible experience, but I did have a hairdresser misunderstand that I wanted my hair BLEACHED not highlighted. Waste of money that one!

  10. oh no! i can't believe they would ruin your hair which mind you is so pretty already! hopefully your salon can fix it and make you feel better, the waiting however will definitely be a pain in the butt!

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