Sunday, 1 April 2012

A sunny few days...and a random breath or two!

Hi all, how was your weekend? I've had a wee bit of discomfort with my breathing for a week now, and on Friday evening I ended up at the doctors and then an emergency clinic having x-rays for a suspected partially collapsed lung - yes - WTF?! As it turns out, the x-rays were clear, the physical examination was clear, and so $170 later I'm told to just see how it goes! Argh!

Basically, I feel like I can't take a 'full breath' and then feel panicky / like I have to yawn and can't. Maybe it's stress or anxiety?! But I've never had this before. I've never smoked, never had asthma. So I'm just trying to cope with it at the moment but it makes everyday just horrible. I hate it.

Has anyone had this? Or have any suggestions?!!? A friend at work suggested iron deficiency (I'm a veggie) so I'm going to give the iron supplements a go in the hope that SOMETHING helps. I was even listening to panpipes and drinking chamomile tea last night in bed! 

Anyway, I still managed to get out and about with my "discomfort", and here are a few snapshots of my last few days in the sunshine....

Too many drinks and dinner with the girls on Friday night
Dusk in the city on Friday night..
A stroll to lunch on Saturday...this is the road I live on - AMAZING!

A quick lie on the grass while the bf had to run into work...

Part of the beautiful old building I work in...
Watching the bf surf (as I sat on the 'dog end' of the beach with poops and all sorts going on right next to me!!!)
Spotting my jewellery in the window of a Wellington boutique as I walked past on Saturday night!
Stunning views of the city on Sunday morning

Lunch at Scorching Bay (Orlando Bloom lives near here!!!!I WILL spot him one day!) ;)
The Paua shell mural at Scorcharama cafe - so cool!

What did you get up to?


  1. Looks like you had a fab weekend. Sorry to hear about your it possible you've pulled a muscle?
    Have a great Monday xoxo

  2. I had something like this when I pulled a muscle around my ribs so maybe Adele is right. All they did was give me a mild muscle relaxers and tell me to rest. It stayed around for about 5 weeks but did slowly get better each week. I pulled it while sneezing.... I know a sneeze, I was like WHAT THE HECK!! I am glad to hear it wasn't a collapsed lung. I was worried when I read it on Facebook and had you in my thoughts and prayers.
    This weekend I have been preparing to be a "grandma" again. I am to young to be a grandma... I mean 35 and I will now have two little ones calling me "DoMa". Oh MY!

  3. Oh I just wanted to let any of your other readers know I am not going to be a biological grandma... I really am too young for that! Just an adopted grandma!

  4. OMG Sadie, that is so scary about your lung. I hope you're feeling better, I have a friend going through this now but he has other health issues. It must be really hard to feel like you can't take a deep breath. Your pics are really nice in this and I hope you're feeling back to normal soon


  5. OMG, I am so so sorry about what happened to you! It might be related to anxiety though, something like a panic attack. The lungs are clear so this might be the reason, you better chek it out sadie.
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  6. I hope it is just an iron thing. That is so crazy, I have no idea. I do know how terrible it is to not breathe right, having asthma most my life. Hmmm. I'd say it was from your encounter with Orlando bloom, but that hasn't happened yet. Take care whatever it is. I need u blogging and in good health!

  7. Sounds horrible Sadie, I went through somethign similar recently actually. I went to the Dr and he was useless no help at all, it was either anxiety related I think or a pulled muscle, it went away after a week or so, so hopefully it buggers off asap! Lovely pictures by the way xx

  8. oh Sadie I hope you feel better soon! must have been a scary time! Your pics are amazing! my boyfriend would love to live where you are. I didn't realise Orlando Bloom lives over there- I think I would wait at that beach all day and night to see him! he's gorgeous!! :)
    Your jewellery looks lovely in the shop window, you must be proud!

    Bella xx

  9. great photos and hopefully you start feeling better!
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  10. Oh my goodness, sounds awful Sadie! Really hope you feel better soon, breathing troubles are SO scary!

  11. Nice photos!!


  12. Oh dear! I do hope you're ok :( try to take it easy and have a nice bit of relaxing time :) x


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