Thursday, 23 June 2011

Friday Fashion Fix: Trelise Cooper

Happy FRIDAY! Firstly: THANKS for all of your well wishes with my tooth!!! It's lovely to have such wonderful bloggy friends, so A BIG THANK YOU! :D

Secondly - here's the PROMISED designer dress I bought last Friday! NZ designer Trelise Cooper sells fabulously flamboyant clothes, full of ruffles, patterns, prints, sequins, bows and fabulousness. Did I mention that they're fabulous!? But not cheap. :(

HERE are some of her pieces:

WELL! Last weekend there was a TC pop-up sale shop in the Opera House. So a colleague and I strolled on down at Friday lunchtime. Everything was pretty amazing, and I had to stop myself from buying many an item (times like that I needed that magic credit card that never exists!!). I tried on several items (IN A COMMUNAL CHANGING ROOM!! EEK! Thankfully I had a nice Elle Macpherson bra on!!) but whittled it down to one BLACK dress. Oh, and it's called Dynasty Diva. LOVE. IT.

Yes I shocked myself coming away with a black dress when there was such flamboyance available. But I figured a black dress can be worn over and over again, so was a better investment.

WARNING! These photos were taken at 2.30am after a tumble in Burger King!! (Yes, good question: what was a vegetarian wearing Trelise Cooper doing in BK in the first place?!)


Shoes, Bakers

Cuff and ring both Topshop; Nail varnish OPI Russian Navy
In hindsight, the dress is a bit too big. When I tried it on, I thought it was a bit loose but wearable....when I got home I realised I'd been taken in with the spur of the moment pressure, and it needs a bit of a nip and tuck. I put a little skinny belt with it, but think I will have to seek out a tailor. Pah!

Have you ever bought anything in the spur of the moment and later realised it wasn't quite right?!


  1. First of all that dress is my style. I love it!
    Yes it' a bit too loose but as you said a bit of nip & tuck and it will be perfect. It happened the same thing to me with the Zara blazer!!!Now it's perfect!

  2. What a gorgeous dress, you look lovely, and fter a few adjustments it will be perfect! I always buy thigs on the spur of the moment and realise that they're too big, too small or don't look nice; I should really try clothes on before I buy them.


  3. Gorgeous dress, love the embelishment on the shoulders!


  4. LOVE your dress!!! :D
    So super amazing on you!
    Absolutely love the shoulder pads.


  5. oh the dress is amazing! and yep i have got whisked away in the moment and bought a pair of size three shoes before ( i am 4.5, somtimes 4) because i loved them, they were a bargain, and i was convinced i could squish my feet into them. this is worse than clothes sadie as they can't be altered!!!! i have NEVER worn them, because yes i can get my feet into them, but i can't walk for more than 5 minutes without my feet screaming for release!

    i love your ring in the last photo too


  6. So, you're a veg, too!? YAY :D How long? I have been one for about 12 years now. I often go to BK, because they have a yummy veggie burger! :) That yellow bow dress is fab and your hair looks amazing! And, yes, I have purchased things only to realize they were huge when I brought them home. haha

  7. What a nice dress! It shouldn't be too hard to take in--the construction seems pretty simple, so a tailor should be able to just increase the side seams.

    Once I bought a bird cage for a home decor item and then realized I had no room for it---it went back. Also, once I bought at 100$ plus watch (I was a teen at the time, just out of high school so that was VERY PRICEY to me) and returned it 10 minutes later when the guilt set in.

  8. OMG this dress is absolutely gorgeous! It is definitelly an investment piece :) Too bad it is a little bit big but I'm sure you can alter it and then it will fit even better :)


    Fashion Fractions

  9. Hello my friend,
    I love how you rock the shoulder pads! I have bought many things and then realized they weren't quite right. I now always take my son shopping with me cause he always lets me know the truth about what works on me and what doesn't. :)

  10. I love that yellow dress with the silver bow.
    your dress looks lovely too! it's so hard to make a quick judgement in a communal change room and sales environment, I always feel like I have to be in and out as quick as possible!

  11. This is not just any black dress- the shoulders are amazing! I've definitely gotten taken in by impulse purchases on more than one occasion, and I can see that this dress is a bit large on you but it is oh-so-gorgeous, it's worth the tailoring. I just might be incredibly jealous that you have it in your closet right now :)

  12. Communal changing room? Scary! That alone probably would have kept me from buying anything! But the dress is fabulous!

  13. looks great and once it's tailored it'll look stunning all fitted and everything, love the shoulder detail and the shoes are gorgeous!


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