Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sydney Sights

Hello all! Well it's Friday evening and I've finished work for the Bank Holiday weekend! Woohoo!
The bf has been away for three days and should be home very shortly. We're both shattered so are looking forward to a quiet Friday night!

Here are some pics of my weekend in Sydney. Can you tell it rained?!?!
Obligatory Newport shots (it's where I'm from in the UK!)
Sydney was hosting an event called Vivid - the city was lit up with all sorts of wonderful light displays!

FIVE of these gorgeous parrots visit my friends' balcony every day!!!!!

It went from this.... this in minutes!!! I ran SO fast!

And lost the handle off the umbrella I bought that day!!! I didn't dare go back for it in that rain!
So I used it as a good excuse to visit the Belgian chocolate cafe ;)

What are your plans for the weekend? I can't believe another week has passed by so quickly (hang on, I sound like my grandfather!!).


  1. Thank you for taking the time to pop over and comment! I'm honoured!

    I'm in Adelaide, it's been a lovely week...but the weather is back as of today. Grrr. Being from LA, this weather shocks me, I've never been so cold, wet & soggy! : D

    Great shots of Sydney, they do know how to dress up for a party, right? See you again soon, I adore your blog!

  2. Yah! I am going to Sydney this weekend (but you knew that already). I hope it doesn't rain.

    Have a great long weekend xoxox

  3. It's true though, time really does go quite fast! Beautiful photos, I love how Sydney is all lit up like that, and also the picture of the parrots are so cute!


  4. Beautiful pictures.. I think you should change your nailpolish to bright colors, just to match with the weather.. eheheh :)


  5. great photos you look amazing and too bad it rained the light displays look awesome though!

  6. i am so insanely jealous it's untrue!!! this weekend my niece is going back home, so it'll be my first few days after exams all to myself and i cannot wait!!!!!
    that's such a good idea to do a diy on the pompom ring...argh i need to sort myself out and get organised!! i was thinking about us doing our swap next week too, maybe wednesday? xx

  7. Looks like a great weekend despite the rain. Love those pics of the Opera House all lit up!

  8. love these photos despite the rain, those lightings are amazing, and the birds so beautiful!!

  9. Looks like a fun trip! The pictures are amazing!

  10. Looks like you had fun despite the rain. Love the parrots that visit your friends balcony. And the CoCo Chanel quote! As Always LOVE the photos you share with us. :)

  11. the light display looks really awesome. wish i were in australia!

  12. a belgian chocolate cafe?!?! oh myyy... now i wish i was right there too! chanel has the best quotes (: i love that last photo! lol. toooo cute :D :D

  13. Oh I'm so sorry for the horrible Sydney weather!
    Can't believe you were in Newport - not far from where I live!
    Still hope you had a smashing time :)


  14. The vivid exhibit looks amazing, I would have loved to see it in person! The Coco Chanel quote was a particularly good addition :) I love the last shot of you at the chocolate cafe- you look exactly as pleased to be there as I would have been!

  15. Great pics! the back shots are amazing. & those parrots are so beautiful, can't believe they stop by for a visit, so cute :D


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