Sunday, 26 June 2011

What I wore: Spots and Stripes!

Hey all, how was your weekend? I can't believe I'm sitting here and it's almost midday on Monday now - boo hoo, these weekends fly by!

I had a great 'windy walk' yesterday and will share some pics with you tomorrow. I also went to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra "Romeo and Juliet" performance on Saturday night - that was great! We scored some free tickets through work and I didn't know what to expect and it was fabulous :)
NZ Symphony Orchestra
Have you ever been to the orchestra?

So back to the outfit. This is what I wore to work on Friday, then jazzed it up with some alternative jewellery for a meal at our favourite Turkish restaurant that evening.
Blazer, Recycle Boutique; Top, Peacocks; Leggings, Glassons; Shoes, Matalan; Necklace, H&M Berlin.
I am NOT USED to being this pale!! So I am starting with the gradual self tan. Day two is today, so watch out for a golden glow soon (I hope!!).
I love this necklace - it was the ONLY thing I bought on a trip to Berlin last year!
As you know, I *heart* birds!

Left hand: Bracelet, Shh By Sadie; Right hand: Watch, Guess; Pink leather bracelet, Sydney; Pink leather chain bracelet, Shh By Sadie.
Those of you who have followed my blog for a wee while may recognise the blazer from my thrifting shopping day here.
I love this pink blazer and have been searching for a HOT PINK version of it - does anyone have any suggestions? (Except the Zara one as that seems impossible to get!!)


  1. I have never been to the symphony but would love to go someday. Love the bird on the polka dots. :) I am just wrapping up a weekend doing nothing! ... I was under strict orders to relax. This was difficult for me but I really tried.

  2. So cute I love the mix of pattern.. Awesome!!

  3. You look beautiful as always miss Sadie!
    Love the look you put together and your hair is so luscious!
    Hope you enjoyed the weekend - I know it goes way too fast :(
    Why is Monday so far away from Friday yet Friday is so close to Monday?


  4. I love the pinstripe blazer! I love that you like the symphony! I'm trying to go to the symphony here at the end of July for Lord of the Rings!

    Live Life in Style

  5. You are so darling! I love your style :) Now following

    xo Julia

  6. Very cute outfit! love those shoes! Looks like a great time!
    XO Carrie

  7. I am loving the color and pattern of the blazer over the top.. How lucky of you for the tickets.. Ha I totally agree with what you said about the weekend flying by.. Sometimes I feel like the don't even exist!

    All the best, Angel

  8. looove that blazer I swear you are the Queen of awesome blazers!
    I would love to see an Orchestra that sounds like heaps of fun!
    XX Ilana

  9. Love this outfit! Stripes and dots go so well together! You look so adorable :)


    Fashion Fractions

  10. That blazer is glorious, I love your tshirt and i have a crush for your booties!!!

  11. You look very cute! Aren't free tickets to cultural events the best?!

  12. Love how you mixed patterns...and that necklace is amazing! The orchestra sounds fun, and even more so Turkish food! So fun! ps. i STILL have the window open on my computer for the satchels you posted...haven't bought one yet...but I look at it every day trying to decide!! Ha!!

  13. I love your blazer, your outfit is gorgeous! Super jammy getting those free tickets as well!


  14. great outfit you look amazing love the shoes want them!! love the blazer!

  15. i would have loved to attend a romeo and juliet orchestra! your thrifted blazer and your bracelets are haute!

  16. Ah I love your blazer! Its fun and chic at the same time. Gorgeous!

  17. aw love it sadie. your hair is also looking really beautiful in this photo!! <3 x

  18. Love love love this! I always love that jacket...



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