Friday, 17 June 2011

I want!!! Cambridge Satchel Company

I have seen these bags in several blogs that I follow lately (here and here) and I am lusting after one!!! I still haven't found a perfect laptog bag (for those of you who are newer readers, these were my original choices).

So I am thinking of getting one of these AMAZING satchels by the Cambridge Satchel Company.

I of course love the PINK :)
I currently use this Patrick Cox hot pink satchel bag, but it's not strong enough to carry the laptop anywhere other than to the car and back.
Patrick Cox, from TK Maxx
 What do you think of the Cambridge Satchels??


  1. Love them because they are so vibrant and happy like! :) How much are these?


  2. I think the are HAPPY... is it possible for something to be Happy. I think so. I love how they are bright and colorful. They would be great during the winter to bring a little summertime in your day.

  3. I love these bags so much!!! I want to buy one too! Absolutely necessary!

  4. the satchels are amazing i want one sooooo bad but i cannot even come close to affording one! so sad but you should definitely get one!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. A neon pink satchel. *_* Those, you see, are the only words I can muster. An accessory like that is pure ecstasy. And that's it. And perfect for the ideally color-blocked outfit ;)

    I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! Thanks for letting me know, too- it means a lot. xx

  6. this is my first time seeing these bags, and i really like that hot pink one!

  7. ooh i love them sweetie! i think the pink is my fave too x

  8. thanks for link back to my blog!!! i think the pink one is a hottie too, you should definitely get it:))

  9. Those satchels are too cute. They'd be perfect as a laptop bag!

  10. I recently discovered and fell in love with the Cambridge satchels. I've been dreaming of the yellow one, but any colour would do :)

  11. You have to get one!!! Have you seen my post on mine?? i love it! xxx

  12. I haven't seen these before, they are amazing! I'm headed over to check out the site now cuz i'm dying for one (altho yes, I have a perfectly gorgeous and useful one that is basically brand new....). But it's nowhere near as FAB!

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