Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Yellow

Hi all! Well - I survived my dental appointment....JUST! It was quite a traumatic experience (we're talking about a squeamish wimp here!!!!) but what was worse was the bill!!! OMG NZ is expensive for dental treatment! I have to have a total of four appointments for my root canal, at a total of $1500!! PLUS a crown within six months! That's double the price of the UK!! WOW! I'm also on antibiotics to sort out any infection.

Anyway - until next Weds (when I have appt. numero dos) I am trying to forget about it!

Yesterday was Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge (I mentioned this here) and the challenge was YELLOW. It was quite a tricky one as we're in WINTER here in NZ and most of my yellow clothing is summer-related. But the whole team joined in and it was a good laugh!

I wore one of the special edition t-shirts our College has released as I was being photographed for a promo photo that afternoon. I also thought it went nice with the yellow shrug and my fabulous flower headband.

I had the headband made for me through Etsy as I FELL IN LOVE with the original headband here:
When it arrived (in our summer) my boyfriend and his sister laughed!!! And it completely put me off it!! I know it's very much a 'statement' headband, but I've kind of lost my confidence in wearing it now and yesterday was the first time I'd ventured outside my bedroom with it on! (You will see I have two actually as the lovely Etsy lady made me two versions!). My colleague is wearing the other one as she likes flamboyant clothing as much as I do!!!! 

What do you all think? Have you ever had someone's opinion change yours?


  1. I think that everybody has different taste and is entitled to their own opinion.
    I know it's hard to not let someone's opinion get to you (especially if they are close, like a boyfriend!), but remember to stay true to yourself and do/wear what makes you happy! :)
    My bf makes fun of stuff I wear all the time, but i don't care because it makes me happy. Same goes for him - I don't particularly like some of the things he likes but that's what makes us all unique. :)
    The headband is so lovely on you! Definitely my kind of style too!


  2. love the yellow and the headband is awesome!
    XX Ilana

  3. I always hate going to the dentist too but I always feel better once it's over with. Looks like you guys are having a great time in the yellow!

  4. I love the headband.. Don't let them change your opinion.. What do they know :)


    Fashion Fractions

  5. that has happened to me when they just make me feel stupid or uncomfortable about what i'm wearing that i just never wear it out anymore, it's not right though i love the headband on you it's so adorable!

  6. I used to really take to heart what my boyfriend said I could and could not pull off.. then I realized he spent most of his downtime in gym shorts! Life's too short not to dress exactly how you want to!

  7. Oh yes and I'll post about it. I bought some kind of weird wedges and my hubby started making fun of me from the sec he saw them!!

  8. Oh I love the color yellow. What a fun challenge!

    And I'm sorry about your recent dental work. Doesn't sound fun :( I had a root canal a year ago and it wasn't incredibly traumatic but everyone always talks about it being traumatic so I was pretty terrified going in!

    I actually really like the headband! And it looks really true to the original. It would add a nice whimsy touch of color to an otherwise simple outfit. I also think you shouldn't let other people kill your enthusiasm about something you genuinely love. John honestly thinks I dress like a child/grandma every now and then, but when it comes down to it, I like it so there!

  9. Love your yellow shrug and the headband, I know what you mean about people changing your opinion of something but you always rock a headband so I wouldn't worry about it :)

  10. oh wow thats a lot of money. yes sometimes i am very swayed by others opinion, it depends how confident i am feeling at the time, and how much i am sure of something. with very 'out there' items, not everyone is always going to love it, so you just have to accept and be confident in the fact that you do!

  11. Love the headband, but I understand having to muster the confidence again! I'm so sorry for your ongoing dentist woes! But on the sunny side, the yellow challenge looks like it was absolute blast! I hope you start wearing the headband again, it's beyond gorgeous.


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