Thursday, 29 September 2011

What I wore: A quickie

Hi all! Just a quickie. This has been SUCH a crazy week! On Tuesday I went to a beauty evening at Farmers with my friends - I bought a fab new BRIGHT PINK blusher (yes the free bubbles may have gone to my head by that point!) and I will show you that next week. I also met up with a girl from the same city as me, the sister of a friend, so we had a great gossip about 'back home' and a late night drinking! 

Then the university I work for launched a huge exhibition on Wednesday, so that was a late night of drinks, schmoozing (yawn) and food.  Yesterday I took some lieu time to spend the afternoon sorting out my new jewellery bits and pieces for the Mighty Mighty Market I am attending on Saturday. And tonight we have an awards ceremony at work before dashing home to host a dinner party!! OMG!

I've also: dashed out to buy a new table cloth for my stall, written some freelance copy for an American fashion website, come up with TWO exciting ideas which I will share with you next week, watched three rugby games (again - yawn), cleaned my apartment and swept the terrace (it was looking so messy after winter) and Skyped my ill Grancha back home for a whole 2 minutes which was hilarious!

Back to the good stuff: here's a quick post of an outfit I wore one evening in Feeeejeeee:

By now on the holiday I think the bf had given up on my nightly outfit shots!! Ha!
Kaftan, Primark; Shorts, Cotton On; Wedges, Hannahs; Clutch, The Body Shop.

Ok I hate my face in this pic, but as the other one's so blurry I needed to use it!!

Orange ring, Shh By Sadie; Shell bracelet, Greece.

Bangles, Primark and New Look; Ring, Lanzarote.
Earrings, Shh By Sadie
 After weeks like this, it makes me feel like I was here a year ago, not a week ago!!!!
What has your week been like? :)


  1. I love you shirt/ dress thing. that's so cute!!

  2. Aw, I love Fiji. Your outfits are totally perfect for island life :)

    xo, alison*elle

  3. The last shot is fab! I love your tie dye kaftan. Sounds like you've been a busy girlie....hope you sell loads at the market on Sat. Happy weekend hun xoxo

  4. I like it all! My week was BORING.

  5. Fiji looks so pretty! As do you! ;)
    Can't wait to hear your exciting ideas!


  6. Wow what a busy week! Its good to keep busy sometimes though :) Love the jewellery hun xx

  7. I feel like I was in Melbourne a month ago - not last weekend! I hate it how that happens!

  8. wow such a manic but productive week! i have had a pretty busy one too: job interviews, course enrollments, charity event organising....madness! x

  9. Wow! Love the pattern on your blouse! Love to see another Australia blogger :)

    -Laura xox

  10. Hi Sadie,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    There are 2 blogger meets currently planned for London - one is in 2 weeks (so I guess you'll miss it!) and the other is mid-November and is being organised by Emma of Daisy Chain. She's got a page on her blog all about the details -> CLICKY!

    I'll be going and I know she's got 20+ people down so far, let me know if you can come! (:

  11. Always looking good!

    P.S. I am still in love with the new jewelry.. I might order something this week if I dont forget haha..

    Cheers! ~Angel

  12. LOVE it!!! whew!!! reading all your doing is making my head swim. I am sure yours is swimming as well.

  13. great outfit love the top the colors are so pretty! love all the accessories!


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