Thursday, 29 March 2012

What I wore: to a wedding in Mauritius

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I hope your week has been good to you!

So some of you may remember, back in January I went to Mauritius for ten days. The bf's brother AND sister both got married there - NOT to each other, and both on different days! :)

Here's what I wore to the first wedding - Chris' sister's.

What I took into consideration:
Heat = bad hair
Looking too overdressed (there were very few people there, let alone 'young people'
Being too hot in my outfit
Buying a summer outfit in the January sales in the UK!

So this is what I went with. I picked it up in the H&M sale for 15 pounds!

Dress, H&M; Vest (just seen), Florence and Fred; Wedges, Next; Clutch, Accessorize; Necklace, H&M Berlin; Sunglasses, O'Neill.  
The bride and groom. She made her dress herself, from silk :)

The wedding party.
The groom and his best man!
I loved the aisle


 Have a great weekend! I'm going for drinks with my friends after work and have the Mighty Mighty Market tomorrow - what wonderful things will  you be doing?

PS I have a lot of catching up to do with everyone's blogs - I haven't forgotten you and will be catching up over the weekend :)


  1. Great planning Sadie...with gorgeous results! Love the colour blocking.
    I'm going to a friends wedding excited!
    Have a fantastic weekend hun xoxo

  2. It was a beautiful wedding in a WONDERFUL location. Your outfit fit the occasion and tropical weather. Love that the Bride made her dress!
    BTW, Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Love the dress hun, red and pink look fab together dont they! We are having our house warming this weekend, BBQ, mates, drinks cant wait! xx

  4. this looks awesome my dear and these are great photos too looks like a breath-taking place! have a wonderful weekend talk soon
    XX ilana

  5. hey , i got the same dress as yours, love the color blocking on it, and what a dream place to get married, those pictures are so pretty!!!

  6. The pictures are beautiful and you look gorgeous :) love the bright colours! xx

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  7. What a beautiful wedding and you looked great! Loving the colorblock dress! Such pretty colors

  8. I totally remember that H&M colorblock dress. It is super cute and makes you stand out in the wedding party photo.

    I'll be relaxing this weekend...hopefully!

  9. You look beautiful - I love the bold colours. When I went to my cousins wedding in Phuket I did feel sorry for all the men having to wear suits/trousers/shirts when it was so hot!!

  10. Nice, I love pink + red outfits. :)

    Beautiful wedding in a beautiful location!

  11. That's my kind of a wedding, on a beach somewhere. What a talented bride to sew her own dress. I will make a vow not to get married until I can sew my dress. That way I can make sure I am a "real woman." Not a lot of young people eh? Sounds like Palm Springs, CA. Just retired people and gay couples with dogs. I kid you not.

  12. Looking good! I once went to a wedding where I was way overdressed for my age and it was incredibly embarrassing!

  13. Love your outfit, the colors are perfect together!


  14. you looked great love the color blocking and they look so happy love her dress!
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  15. ou i have that same H&M dress! I snatched the last one in my size on sale when I was visiting in Toronto. love when that happens haha


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