Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed Cait's guest post yesterday! And thanks for all of your lovely comments on my guest post over at Sailing to Nowhere, it was SO lovely to read such fabulous comments.  
BIG HUGS to you all!!
Well I mentioned briefly yesterday that there was another first for me today.......My DIY Swarovski inspired bracelet tutorial is being featured on {trulie-scrumptious}! They have a weekly {tute-sweet tuesday}, and I was lucky enough to be chosen this week. If you like DIY tutorials like I do, you should definitely have a browse each week to check out what's new :) 

Whilst on a crafting theme, last week I received a package I'd been eagerly anticipating - my craft swap items from the wonderful Jaclyn all the way from Canada! (If you want to have a peek at what I made for her, she posted some pics here.)

Our swap was bird themed, (we are both a bit bird obsessed). Here are the lovely things she made me.... (Excuse the pants photos, they were taken on my iPhone in work)
Luckily Jaclyn had wrapped the contents well, cos look at the size of this hole!!

Some of the goodies!!
These magnets are so cute! I love the guy who looks like he's wearing a monocle!
This necklace is amazing. I must take a photo of me wearing it, because the bird dangles from the side rather than the middle. Quite an awesome piece of craftmanship :)
A lovely note card with explanations of each item.
This is also beautiful - a silk scarf with bird embellishments. I love the edging and the frills and everything about it!!See the little bird peeking in the corner? Another goodie from Jaclyn.

 She also sent me a resurfaced tin that now acts as a photo frame, but for some reason I can't find the photo of that :(

Thanks Jaclyn, I love it all :)

Today I am posting a hair accessory themed swap to a lovely swap buddy in the USA...I will be posting a DIY for some of the items I made because I am pretty darn sure you will love them as much as I do! <3 

Has anyone else joined any swaps lately?? 


  1. What amazing swap items you received. The necklace is FANTASTIC!! I just sent off a scrap stash swap. Hopefully I will get my package soon. I was hoping we could do a swap soon. :)

  2. Thanks AJ, yes they were all great pieces :)
    Yes we should definitely do a swap soon, let me know if you have any ideas!
    Sadie x

  3. This is such a cool idea! I wish I had a swap buddy but I'm useless when it comes to diy! Lol.
    As for not seeing my parents for so long, it's hard at times but you get kind of used to it after a while.
    That's cool how youre in NZ! Ive always wanted to go but never gotten around to it.
    I'm from Sydney! How long are you staying here for?



  4. My favorite I think is the scarf...I'm obsessed with birds! Lovely package of wonderful items!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  5. I've never done a swap but it sounds fun! Those bird magnets are too cute! And by the way, when I said 'Chucks' in my post, I meant Chuck Taylor tennis shoes.

  6. Oh how cute! I love the idea of doing a swap. I normally send chocolates to my friend in Canada and then hope she sends me back some maple chocolate cos it's oh so good :)

  7. Wow what a great swap Sadie!! I have been doing some swaps lately after finding out about cut out and keep from your blog! I just sent off a candy swap to Holland this week and am eagerly anticipating my package from them! Yesterday in London I went to an international candy store and was amazed at all the yummy Australian chocolates...you seem to have so much more mint and coconut there (my 2 fave flavours), how lucky! it got me thinking if you're missing any British choc perhaps you would like to do a choc/candy swap? it's cool if you don't but just thought I'd check incase!!

  8. I'm so glad you like everything! MAN, that was a big hole! Thank goodness everything stayed in the envelope. I meant to get a picture of how cute the goodies you sent me were wrapped, but I was too eager to open 'em and didn't have my camera with me.

  9. hi sadie! love your scarf :) great stuff!

    much love,

  10. wat a lovely idea!!!


  11. swaps must be great love all the things you got soooo cute! the magnets are adorable and the scarf and necklace are really pretty!


  12. Oh how fun! I have not done a swap lately but it is always exciting to get something in the mail :)


  13. oh wow such lovely things from the swap sadie :-) i can't believe how big the hole is in the package though!! my mum ordered some wool from hong kong and the parcel came with a massive hole in too, but luckily nothing was lost or damaged.

    so exciting all the swaps you are doing. this time next week when i finish exams i am really hoping to get involved in a few


  14. I love seeing the results of all of these swaps you do- getting packages is one of my favourite things, it's just one of those simple pleasures... I must have to find my way into one of these circles :) Love that purple bird necklace, it's adorable.

  15. Thanks so much for your comment back :)


  16. it's so nice that your DIY is being featured. i love all the cute bracelets you're wearing by the way.


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