Monday, 2 May 2011

I love this girl!

I spent a little while Skyping my family last night, and as my niece is on break from nursery, I got to speak to her...I miss her A LOT living on the other side of the world. 

She's going to be four (omg!!) this summer, and when I left she was one and a half. It breaks my heart that I miss her growing - but I have been sooo lucky to have visited home 5 times in the last two years to have spent time with her and the rest of my fam. 

Here are a few photos of Mini B, or Bebe as my sister and I call her:D
Hello! I am 2 days old. This is my new Aunt :)

I am having a little cry in the dog suit my mum put on me!

I didn't have much hair at my first Christmas. Some people were mean and called me Uncle Fester :(

I soon found my legs :D
I ate olives and tapas and lots of cake on Aunt Sadie's birthday, just before she left me to move to NZ
This is me visiting Aunt Sadie at work the week before she left. I ran around the university and had great fun.
When Aunt Sadie came back the first time we had some fun. I didn't want to get off here.

And loved trying her shoes on :D
I am 2 now, and she sent me this top from Alcatraz en-route to moving to NZ

Next time Aunt Sadie came back, I was 2 and a half. We had fun on NYE 2009 :D

I wouldn't let anyone else push the trolley

And liked climbing on things
In the summer - Aunt came back for more fun! Paddling pools!

And pony rides! I am 3 now and my hair is getting long.
Aunt Sadie spent her first Christmas away from me in 2010. But she came back in January and taught me to make lentil moussaka. I kept trying to lick a lemon though so I got told off and cried.

She takes me to the park and taught me to count whilst pushing me in a swing :) Her shoes got muddy though. She should have worn trainers like me!

Now, for the time being, I have to see my Aunt like this. I am thankful for Skype!


  1. She's a sweetie. It is hard being away from your family when you're overseas! Although I got to come back to a new niece - so that wasn't so bad! :)

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  3. OMG, she is such a cutie pie! And I see from photo 8 that she love of shoes.... wonder who she gets that from? They grow up so fast don't they? It must be hard to be away from your family. But I wouldn't know how that feels, sometimes I think my family is TOO close for comfort. At least you have Skype, I am sure that helps. Sorry I had to delete the last comment I had a bunch of typos... LOL

  4. She's such a doll! It's nice to know you still manage to keep in touch. :)

  5. Nieces are the best!! She is so cute!

  6. Great post & pics, she's growing up so fast, your niece is adorable!! :D so precious, family is the best.

  7. Aww she is so cute! It's good that you can see her on skype!


  8. Your niece is soooo cute ! Lovely pics and it shows how much you care for her, that's so sweet =)

  9. she is so adorable luckily we have technology and can still keep in contact with family she is so cute!

  10. aww, she's adorable! such a darling :)

  11. she is so cute. my brother and his wife and daughter are going off to kwalar lumpar for 2 years in sept so it will be skype chats for me too :'(

  12. Awww! That is the cutest little thing!!!!!


  13. She is soooo cute! Hopefully you get to see her in person soon.
    Thanks for your comment. To answer your question the cracks were big because I put on a thick coat, a thinner coat makes smaller cracks.

  14. Aww what a cutie pie! :)

  15. Adorable babies and fantastic pics.

  16. awwww, she is so cute and love her smiles, great pics!!!!

  17. thanks so much for the sweet comments! glad you enjoyed reading my faq page and sometimes i wish i had my own camera to attempt to take photos when i'm alone!

  18. She's an angel!

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